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  1. SRS Light on, then entire SRS module "dead"

    smart General Discussion
    I had my car in for service Mid-January (2year), went on vacation, and within 2 weeks of REALLY cold temps, my SRS came on last weekend. When I went to Eurocar / Smartcar Annapolis, they couldn't even talk to the SRS module. They wanted to know who installed the MDC Cruise Control, and...
  2. Spin on Oil Filter Adapter

    Original (450) smart fortwo
    Back in 2007 I purchased a spin-on oil filter adapter for my 450 through Recently, my adapter has begun leaking. I believe its because the gasket/seal is six+ years old, and it looks really flat...everything else looks great; no defects, scratches, cuts or other damages to...
  3. Need help with mdc cruise control!

    smart Modifications
    I just obtained an MDC cruise control, but it has no instructions - anyone out there have the installation instructions they would be willing to share with me?