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  1. Smart Fortwo mechanic/repair shop in Michigan

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Hi all, I'm due to get 80000 maintenance schedule for my Smart fortwo. I'm going to have 50 point inspection done. And then decide what needs to be replaced depending on my available budget. Also, my exhaust is broken and I've heard that Smart's exhaust is expensive. I would be extremely...
  2. 450 ForTwo - rear-ended with trailer

    Nearly a decade with a little car, and then this happens: I was pulling a 4ft HarborFreight trailer in SLOW stop-and-go traffic, when an unlicensed/uninsured driver decided to test Pauli's Exclusion Principle with his 2000 Chevy Astro van. The collision totalled my trailer. Only visible...
  3. Portland Oregon mechanic - rear ended!

    smart General Discussion
    My beloved little ForTwo 450 was rear-ended last week. I've DIYed all service in the little ones for nearly a decade, but now I need a decent local mechanic to complete insurance covered work. They'll need a MB Star (or WinStar) machine too. Any recommendations for a Portland Oregon area...
  4. Faking it in America by Bar's Products

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    :(Don't let Bar's Products swindle you, the product is crap I copied everything from the Internet, because consumers are always duped by people on the wrong doing and is about time to take the mask off from those swindlers Hard earned money is not for those crooks at Bar's Bar's head gasket...
  5. Looking for a good mechanic in Greater Boston area

    Massachusetts Chapter
    Hi, Can anyone recommend a good mechanic in the Greater Boston area who can change reluctor rings (for ABS sensors) on my ForTwo and wouldn't charge $1,000 like the Smart dealership? Thanks, Walter
  6. Glad to be a new member here

    New Members Area
    Hi We've had our Smart Fortwo for a couple years now. Bought a 2005 model year in Colorado and drove it back to Idaho. We had an exuberant car wash attendant :twak: wrench loose the passenger side wing mirror and so are looking for someone who sells the parts to fix it. I see full mirrors for...
  7. Smart Mechanics in Chicago

    Illinois Chapter
    I'm having quite a time finding a mechanic to work on my smart car in the city. I don't want to go out to Loeber in Lincolnwood. Does anyone have a mechanic within city limits and CTA accessible that they like? Thanks!:)
  8. Mechanic in East Bay

    Smart Owners Club of San Francisco
    Does anyone know of a good mechanic in the East Bay where I can get my 20,000 mile service done?