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  1. West Coast Clubs
    Calling all local smart car enthusiasts who enjoy classic rock & roll! New Meetup: FOREIGNER - Pre-Concert Meetup in Alhambra - SoCal Smarties (Los Angeles, CA) -
  2. Smart Owners Club of San Francisco :smartje: It's a smart-in!!! Visit Reno and Hot August Nights Car Shows, smart about and Meet for lunch! Sign-up HERE!! Where: Legends Sports...
  3. El Cheapo Exhaust

    Couldn't stand parting with $$ so I had my exhaust done locally. Supported local business :).
  4. Coverking Seat Covers

    CoverKing seat covers, made of neoprene, cutouts for seat belt and airbag. Adds a pouch on the seat back.
  5. California Chapter
    :megaphone:So Cal smarties! We will be meeting in the Public Parking Lot at the old Beverly Hills Post Office located on the corner of N. Santa Monica Blvd. & N. Canon Dr. The concours is only about two blocks away on Rodeo Dr. with plenty of coffee shops nearby. The show officially starts at...
  6. Mid-Atlantic Region
    Is there any interest in meeting on Saturday, July 5th at the Silver Diner in Reston, VA? I called them and they said they don't do car meets but I don't they would mind if 'invaded' them? I am also open to any other suggestions...
  7. Pacific NorthWest Region
    As mentioned previously I am trying to put together a Meeting and drive of Mercer Island followed by a picnic lunch. The soonest day I can do it is June 8th, 2008. Does that work for the rest of the group? I figured we would beet at Starbuck on the Island around 10:00 then take a lap of the...
  8. smart General Discussion
    For those that don't check the regional threads: Come on down! :)
  9. s-mann type 2

    new s-mann demo car side
1-10 of 11 Results