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  1. smart News & Rumors
    A Thunder Bay car dealership on Wednesday showed how far the company and the automotive industry have come since the first car hit the streets. North Star Mercedes-Benz played host to a blast from the company’s past on Wednesday, when a replica model of one of the first gas-powered...
  2. Illinois Chapter
    Spring has sprung and it is time to start a summer of fun! Come out to "The Carriage Carwash" in Roselle,IL. for a wash and lunch with your fellow smart owners. For kicks this year write down the name of your favorite independent restaurant and we will draw from a hat to pick a location for our...
  3. Pennsylvania Chapter
    What's up fellow smarties, I just took delivery of my brand new Smart Brabus and was wondering what's up with some meets soon? I was bummed when I found out I missed the Trevose gtg but oh well let's make another! I'm in Langhorne but willing to go to Philly or any where elsee within reason in...
  4. Pacific NorthWest Region
    Who from the PNW is going to KC for the National meet? :confused: I'm the only scPDX customer going, as far as I know. Any others? Ross is the only scSEA customer going, as far as I know. Any others? Timo
  5. California Chapter
    Are there any Smart owners that meet here in the San Francisco are???
  6. New Jersey Chapter
    The Silas Condit Park meet is ON, and was never cancelled. Please go to for details. Thank you.
  7. smart General Discussion
    Hey SCOA members, I wanted to get some input from you all first. After talking with several people who attended this last rally, especially Sharkdog, and Mr. Schembri it seems like there is some extreme interest in having a nationwide rally. First of all I would be honered to organize and work...
  8. Connecticut Chapter
    Connecticut meet: Berlin Tpke POSPONED TILL ????????? I'm part of a lot of BMW forums (my other car), and I always enjoy a great meet. It would be awesome to have a good SMART CAR meet here in CT. There is a good parking lot in Newington CT on the Berlin Tpke at Lowes, never used, except...
  9. New York Chapter
    Attention all smart enthusiasts in the New York / New Jersey area (Conn. and PA also invited!) We are having a meet and picnic at Silas Condit Park in northern NJ Saturday June 27th from noon til 5pm. Here's your chance to meet your fellow smart car owners in this beautiful park. Go to the...
  10. Arizona Chapter
    We haven't done one of these in quite some time and hopefully it won't be too hot...This is open to anyone that will be in the Tucson area: Starbucks - Saturday May 16 - 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM 6291 E. Speedway Blvd. (corner of Speedway and Wilmot) This is across the street from Bookman's on...
  11. Pacific NorthWest Region
    I'm going to Ellensburg Friday and Saturday nights, Jan 16-17 for the WinterHop Brewfest I'll be staying downtown within walking distance of the event locations. Is anyone else interested? :cheers: Timo
  12. New Jersey Chapter
    So when's the next Jersey meet? I received my Smart at the beginning of October.
  13. Colorado Chapter
    Does anyone have any ideas for the next meet? Since the weather is about to change, we were thinking about just meeting at the smart Center Denver, and then going to coffee/lunch somewhere close. How does the beginning of November sound, post-election? Any suggestions?
  14. So Cal Smarties
    Hey everyone, I came across these events which may be of possible interest to So Cal Smarties for the month of September. The "Altcar Expo" is very interesting with all sort of transportation exhibits (including smart cars). "Cruisin for a Cure" is one of the largest single day car shows that...
  15. Wal-mart $8 Bag

    New jack storage and bag.
  16. North-East Region
    We are a group of smarts from the New York / New Jersey area who are having our second meet at State Line Lookout (near exit 3 on the Palisades Interstate Parkway, in Alpine NJ). We invite all area smart owners to meet us Sunday Aug 24th at 3pm. We try to have our meets more centrally located to...
  17. California Chapter
    Meet date & time: July 20, 2009 @ 10:00 am Noobie smarties welcome! A group of So Cal smarties are planning to meet before the start of the Clean Air Car Show & Film Festival in Pasadena on Sunday morning. Plan is to meet in the parking lot at 10:00 am behind the Wells Fargo Bank building at...
  18. West Coast Clubs
    So Cal Smarties meetup in Pasadena before the official start of the Clean Air Car Show in Pasadena. We're meeting in the parking lot directly behind Wells Fargo on Fair Oaks and El Centro. Address: 1000 Fair Oaks Ave South Pasadena, CA 91030 For latest information go to: CLEAN-AIR CAR SHOW...
  19. North-East Region
    so i'm mad googling the net for further info on this 'exploration'. got any sharable personal experiences? -j The Sticker
  20. California Chapter
    :toot Hello So Cal Smarties! Here's a chance to show off your smart car and do a great public service at the same time! The Braille Institute, Los Angeles is looking for car enthusiasts to pair up with their students for their annual road rallye. The media will be out and if we can get a bunch...
1-20 of 26 Results