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  1. Real world mileage -Are specs correct?

    Canada Chapter
    Is Smart purposely understating the average mpg or l/100km in their specs? I recall Hyundai low-balling the MPG on several of their models which ended up settling with a class action lawsuit, owners ended up getting a prepaid credit card for each year they own the car (my daughter is one). I'm...
  2. Drove my first one.

    New Members Area
    Greetings, Feel so fortunate to have found this site and group. I drove a private parties 2099 Fortwo passion coupe yesterday and I am impressed. There are many Smart cars listed in this city and most are at dealers. My first car was a 1951 Ford and 2nd was a 57 Chevy. Tells you I have a few...
  3. Flirting with 500, anyone else?

    smart Fuel Economy
    Ok, I know a few of us Smart people have gotten 400 miles out of a tank full, But has anyone gotten 500?! I am getting close, 480! Fill up was 8.95 gallons...
  4. When is a Smart Car not a smart car?

    smart News & Rumors
    We can expect a gallon of regular gas to average $3.86 this summer, says the U.S. Energy Information Administration, about $1 more than in the 2010 travel season. The Gaston region’s pump prices climbed more than 20 cents in the last month alone. At the same time, car makers are catching...
  5. Fuel mix that works the best...

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    After much experimentation, I found a fuel mix that runs smooth, great mileage, and is reasonably cheap. To ten gallons 89 Octane gas... 1 quart/liter E-85 (Octane booster) 1 ounce Sta-bil Marine formula (blue green) (Ethanol treatment) Adjust the amounts as needed... I just use a five gallon...
  6. Not Even Trying

    Not Even Trying

    over 400 miles on a tank with plenty to go
  7. Modifications for increasing mileage

    smart Fuel Economy
    I've seen a lot of threads on modifications for increasing power, etc., what about modifications for the specific purpose of increasing mileage? Please share your thoughts and experiences regarding the things we can do to increase mileage by modification: Air filters (I have read the ad...
  8. 500 miles this weekend at 80+ MPH

    smart General Discussion
    I took two trips this weekend of 250 miles each (500 total), going 80-85 most of the way. The car tracked flawlessly and was very comfortable (ride, level of effort, and quietness). I was not tired at all by the back-to-back trips and thoroughly enjoyed the smart. Lots of smiles and waves along...