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  1. smart General Discussion
    As a former hypermiler with a 2000 Honda Insight I figured I'd try out a smart so was lucky enough to have found a clean 2009 passion with 30K for $3500 a few months ago...what a deal! Unfortunately the 19 year old kid that owned it put on 4 rear rims with the fat tires...sigh All my miles...
  2. smart fortwo Electric Drive
    So, as mentioned in my post Decided in this forum I'm now the proud lessee of a white 2014 Smart ED Cabrio. I got it with a 12,000-mile allowance per year for three years. I wasn't really aiming for a cabrio, but it was the last one within 150 miles of dealerships in my area, and I didn't want...
1-2 of 2 Results