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  1. Our Cabriolet In The Autumn

    Our new Smart Car parked in front of our house - behind it is an "Autumn Blaze" Maple tree in full regalia. I don't know which is more beautiful.
  2. All Smarts

    Minnesmarta Sping Rally
  3. Minnesmarta Chapter
    Hey guys! :) Just wondering if anyone from the Minnesmarta Chapter "upgraded'' to the Brabus edition of the Smart? I did and was just wondering if I would possibly own the only Brabus in Minnesota? Thanks! Let me know if you have any questions on the Brabus , I will be more than happy to...
  4. Mid-Atlantic Region
    We now have our own category in the gallery. :D I've uploaded pictures from both meets. Please add yours.
  5. Minnesmarta Chapter
    Here is a draft of the brochure I have created so far. What the idea is behind it is to be something you can carry in your Smart, if you see another one place it under their wiper blade. It is going to promote our chapter. Minnesmarta Brochure Let me know what you think. Also Minnysmart, can...
1-5 of 5 Results