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  1. Minnesmarta Chapter
    Hello fellow MinneSmartans. A good friend of mine, Jason, works at a shop called "All Imports and Domestic Auto Services" in Eagan. All Imports and Domestic Auto Services - Eagan Location 3475 Denmark Ave Eagan, MN 55122 651-688-0931 They are my new "smart service center." Appointment...
  2. Our Cabriolet In The Autumn

    Our new Smart Car parked in front of our house - behind it is an "Autumn Blaze" Maple tree in full regalia. I don't know which is more beautiful.
  3. New Members Area
    Greetings, Just got my first smart, 2008 fortwo Passion coupe, Metallic Blue/Black/Black with Fog Lights, Tach/Clock, Premium Sound, AW floor mats, and Cargo cover. I bought used with low miles and a great price. The cabrio would have been nice, but it was a cold day for a test drive, and I...
  4. Minnesmarta Chapter
    I just want to give my positive views of the Smart Center Bloomington staff, today I had to get my bike repaired at the REI shop down the street. To pass the time I decided to go to the Smart Center to hang out and relax. I was welcomed with all smiles from the team. I got to see their newest...
  5. Minnesmarta Chapter
    My dad ordered a Smart ForTwo and it was delivered to us on March 12, 2008! For quite some time we thought we could possibly be the 1st ones with a Smart in Minnesota! So if you would like.. please write down your delivery date and we can figure out who was possibly the 1st Smart owner in MN...
  6. New Members Area
    I am a new Smart Car owner/SCOA Member and last week a guy on a mountain bike came up to me at a stop light and told me about this website. He also said that in June there is going to be a Smart Car event driving around Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota. Does anyone have information about this? I...
  7. Dream smart

    This is what I want mine to look like!
1-8 of 8 Results