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  1. 453
    OK, thought I would put this up. This Christmas, I installed an aftermarket arm rest (from Canada). Very nice if I say so myself. Lowered the rear view mirror. Hack sawed the pot metal stud off and made a half inch extension, threaded the mirror numb with a 8/32". Now I can see past the head...
  2. smart Parts Marketplace
    THIS HAS BEEN SOLD - THANKS. Removed from my 2008 Passion coupe prior to sale. As-new condition - you know how rare these are now... Price $90 shipped - paid through PayPal. Photo on request.
  3. smart General Discussion
    Soo I picked up my smart from the dealer after they did front brakes, at lunch. On the way to work, I have noticed that the passenger mirror vibrates when the car is driven - hinge was broken (if touched it freely rotates with no resistance).I came back to the dealer right away, and had mechanic...
  4. smart Parts Marketplace
    hey i have my oem chrome mirror covers that i dont want. throw me an offer or even trade? (reasonably) has them here]smart car Chrome Mirror Covers (2) Online Store - smart car Parts and...
  5. Looking Back With Matt Boesch

    Comparing Boeschbuilt rearview mirror to the OE mirror
  6. Looking Back With Matt Boesch

    OE rearview mirror view- cabrio top up
  7. Looking Back With Matt Boesch

    Boeschbuilt rearview mirror view adjusted all the up to the liner- cabrio top down
  8. smart fortwo (451 - US vehicle)
    let me know what you think..
  9. Boise Holiday Parade 2008

    Pictures from Maggie and Larry
  10. smart Modifications
    the problem is being impaled in a accident. does anyone know Vlad the Impaler personally? unfortunately i dropped it and now ill be doing the 3rd one. i was able to drill a hole in my headliner in the wrong spot too. thats what r&d is. quality isnt cheap. with no responsibility whatsoever...
  11. Sparky20708's Deer Vs Smart

    sparky20708's Smart with 400 miles on it.
  12. smart Operation and Maintenance
    So right since I got my car, there has been a major buzzing sound at certain RPM's (and certain frequencies after I put my sub in). When I say major, I mean really loud, and very abrasive. When I got a check engine light after the 1st 150 miles, I noted that to the dealer as I dropped the car...
1-12 of 14 Results