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  1. 2016 453 Modifications :P

    OK, thought I would put this up. This Christmas, I installed an aftermarket arm rest (from Canada). Very nice if I say so myself. Lowered the rear view mirror. Hack sawed the pot metal stud off and made a half inch extension, threaded the mirror numb with a 8/32". Now I can see past the head...
  2. For Sale: Boesch Built rear-view Mirror

    smart Parts Marketplace
    THIS HAS BEEN SOLD - THANKS. Removed from my 2008 Passion coupe prior to sale. As-new condition - you know how rare these are now... Price $90 shipped - paid through PayPal. Photo on request.
  3. Dealer broke my side mirror, and is asking me to pay 50% for the part...

    smart General Discussion
    Soo I picked up my smart from the dealer after they did front brakes, at lunch. On the way to work, I have noticed that the passenger mirror vibrates when the car is driven - hinge was broken (if touched it freely rotates with no resistance).I came back to the dealer right away, and had mechanic...
  4. For Sale: passion mirror covers

    smart Parts Marketplace
    hey i have my oem chrome mirror covers that i dont want. throw me an offer or even trade? (reasonably) has them here]smart car Chrome Mirror Covers (2) Online Store - smart car Parts and...
  5. Looking Back With Matt Boesch

    Looking Back With Matt Boesch

    Comparing Boeschbuilt rearview mirror to the OE mirror
  6. Looking Back With Matt Boesch

    Looking Back With Matt Boesch

    Boeschbuilt rearview mirror view adjusted all the up to the liner- cabrio top down
  7. Looking Back With Matt Boesch

    Looking Back With Matt Boesch

    OE rearview mirror view- cabrio top up
  8. LED marker lights on side view mirrors

    smart fortwo (451 - US vehicle)
    let me know what you think..
  9. newest interior mirror mod

    smart Modifications
    the problem is being impaled in a accident. does anyone know Vlad the Impaler personally? unfortunately i dropped it and now ill be doing the 3rd one. i was able to drill a hole in my headliner in the wrong spot too. thats what r&d is. quality isnt cheap. with no responsibility whatsoever...
  10. Mirrors Vibrating

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    So right since I got my car, there has been a major buzzing sound at certain RPM's (and certain frequencies after I put my sub in). When I say major, I mean really loud, and very abrasive. When I got a check engine light after the 1st 150 miles, I noted that to the dealer as I dropped the car...