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  1. Interior & Exterior
    It was described on this site that the seats in the 450 and 451 can be reclined further than how far they go from the factory by either reclining with force one time with the release pulled and/or using a dremel to remove a tab on the underside of the seat. Does anyone know what it takes on the...
  2. smart Modifications
    Inspired by another thread, I would like to know how to get the parts for the MHD to upgrade my smart. I know there is a larger alternator and the eco button, but what else is involved? How do I get the parts? And how would the installation be done? Looked on evilution and I didnt find anything.
  3. Lightning Must Have Hit

  4. smart Modifications
    Ok this is tho only smart that i know of that has 2 Kicker cvr 12's:D in it lol if anyone has some ideas of wat other things they want to see on it just pm me or relpy here im thinkin 2 train hornes :eek: thanks- jake tampa SMART
  5. smart Operation and Maintenance
    Hi, I've finished setting up our ScanGauge ll for our Smart a couple of days ago, and am now wondering if anyone knows any Smart specific settings for the XGauge function? I know how to set those parameters that the ScanGauge already reports as gauges but am wondering if there are any Smart...
  6. Two In The Driveway

    One for mom, one for the kid
  7. smart Modifications
    Here is my flush "factory look" install of Scangauge II If anyone is interested, I took some pictures during install, so I can post DIY step by step. Cube ******************************************************************** Here we go! DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK! ;-) Tools: DREMEL WARNING...
1-11 of 11 Results