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  1. smart General Discussion
    Hey guys! Do you think you can help? I recently bought my first ever customized addition for my darling 2008 Cabrio, "Miles". Unfortunately, no dash installation kit included with said radio due to sizing worries. This is the radio in question...
  2. smart Modifications
    I have the intake upgrade(in red!!) from smart madness and am excited to put it in and want to be sure I have everything I need before starting. Can I reuse the clamps from oem intake on new silicone hose? Is there any misc. parts I need on hand that I will need, special tools/fasteners/etc...
  3. smart General Discussion
    I purchased a SILA exhaust less than two years ago from my local mods shop. Took it in a couple days ago w/ a little problem, a giant hole on the back side! eeeeek. My impression was that I was not the only person w/ this problem. Anyone have a story to tell?
  4. New Members Area
    Hello! New smart Passion owner from Louisville, KY. I travel to Germany quite a bit for work, and have rented many a smart car there. I have wanted one of my own for some time, and when my son burned up my Toyota (long story) it was the perfect excuse for me to get my smart car. My smart: It...
  5. My Mods Cc

    Area 451 Cruise Control. The LED is the only part you can see.
  6. My Mods Guage

    Scan Guage II for more guages.
  7. My Mods Wheel

    Lug Nut covers and valve stem cap that says smart.
  8. My Mods Decal

    The stuff I have added since I purchased the car.
  9. My Mods Decal

    The stuff I have added since I purchased the car.
  10. Interior & Exterior
    The NA spec Smart ForTwo has one drawback, the singular brake lamps/parking lamps/turn signals... so Smart Techs, this is a question for you! Can the NA spec ForTwo central electronics unit be re-programmed to use the european tail lamps? Is the wiring there, ect? These are the units that...
  11. smart Modifications
    :DHey smart car community . . We have just launched our new smart car puddle lights in the UK and they are on the way to Smart Madness in the US. BRAND NEW PROJECT KAHN UNIVERSAL 10 PIECE PUDDLE LIGHT KIT These lights have a great waterproof design and come in a beautiful black...
  12. smart General Discussion
    I just completed the install of the Area 451 cruise control. It does not look like much when you get it out of the box. There is no servo, none is needed, and there is nothing to install on the engine. Who wudda thunk it. It took about an hour to install the mod on the wiper control arm...
  13. smart Videos
    Now this car doesn't exactly run on a smart engine but nonetheless its still awesome to see someone create this racecar from the smart forfour. You can see the whole gallery here:
  14. smart Operation and Maintenance
    Evilution - Smart Car Encyclopaedia Check here for your smart 450 and 451 tech questions and answers. :)
  15. smart General Discussion
    I truly want to set my smart up with lambo doors. Does anyone know if they are selling the lambo kits for our Smart yet???:confused:
  16. Interior & Exterior
    I have always been known for my flipancy for taking apart expensive things to mod them, there are few like me but if you are brave and have the skills to do it, your smart interior could look like this. All info will be added to my site shortly.
  17. Interior & Exterior
    Perfect fitment, was all plug and play. No splicing wires. The kit was extremely well built and will post some night shots later.
1-19 of 19 Results