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  1. 450
    Hello, I have an electric motor of smart450 Fortwo. The motor is connected to smart450 gearbox as explained in the picture. I will use the motor for other applications, not inside the car. So I need to manufacture a customized male shaft as in the picture below. To do so, I need the...
  2. smart Parts Marketplace
    I am looking for Fan Blower Motor which fits on a 2009 Smart Brabus Convertible (actually, should be all the same). My fan is not working anymore. Thanks for any response, feedback, or advise. :) -Jens
  3. smart 451 Clutch Actuator

    4 Electric motor 5 Electric motor connector 6 Actuating plunger M18 Clutch motor
  4. Technical "stickies"
    I decided to post this little tutorial so others don't go through the frustration I did tonight. Recently there have been several posts about heater blower motor failures. I joined those ranks last week. My blower was operating intermittently, and when it did work, I had to have it on high to...
1-4 of 4 Results