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  1. Blast from the past

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    Anyone remember this movie? I cant believe the website still exists! Space Jam
  2. My car is a movie star

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    They have made a movie in which my car has an integral part. The studio won't allow me to post all the stills at this time. I will post as per their schedule. They have changed the title more than once, I will keep you all informed. Donald LaFavor The movie is to be released this summer.
  3. Seen any good movies lately??

    Off-Topic Cafe
    I myself just saw Iron Man the other day. I knew next to nothing about the comic, but was pleasantly surprised. Quite the fun movie! Doesn't have be a new movie, just anything you've seen recently and would like to blab about. Besides, I need some new films to watch on those rainy days...:)