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  1. smart Operation and Maintenance
    All, Starting a thread about RPM's vs tire size and inflation, also effect on MPG's... Tires 185/55R15 "H" rated General HP on all four, inflated to 44 psi (max is 51), RPM's are 2900 at 60 MPH, and 40 MPG mixed city / highway... Anyone else?
  2. smart General Discussion
    As a former hypermiler with a 2000 Honda Insight I figured I'd try out a smart so was lucky enough to have found a clean 2009 passion with 30K for $3500 a few months ago...what a deal! Unfortunately the 19 year old kid that owned it put on 4 rear rims with the fat tires...sigh All my miles...
  3. smart Operation and Maintenance
    So my secondary air injection pump does not come on but I don't have a check engine light. It is less than 10°F outside in the morning when i start it so the engine isn't warm. I am getting under 30 MPG and I'm assuming this has to do with it. I can't seem to find anything like this on the web...
  4. smart Fuel Economy
    Just back from PA to FL round trip. Said the heck with the usual trip to Trailer Week at Daytona went in the 2008 Pure before the Daytona crowd got big. First big trip for the little car in 2+ years. Plans to do a scenic trip down the outer banks including the ferry at Ocracoke fell victim to...
  5. smart Fuel Economy
    Yep, 240 miles each way... One tank of gas. Filled up at the Kroger in Elkins on the way out of town. Got the Ladybug full, gas is not cheap in DC area or on interstate. Coming back there are no gas stations after turning off interstate 66 (and it was late at night) so I had to keep going...
  6. smart Wheels & Tires
    Anyone running 205/50/15's on the original rear rims of a Pure? Got plenty of power, need more MPG Any rubbing issues or clearance problems? :D
  7. smart Fuel Economy
    I've seen a lot of threads on modifications for increasing power, etc., what about modifications for the specific purpose of increasing mileage? Please share your thoughts and experiences regarding the things we can do to increase mileage by modification: Air filters (I have read the ad...
  8. smart Fuel Economy
    I just thought you all might like to see this. I log my MPG every time I fill. I missed a couple but I have most of them. My lowest MPG was 29.6 and My Highest was 44.2. I'm averaging 35 miles to the Gallon. The last Field is the MPG, sorry about the formatting. As you can see I usually...
  9. smart Fuel Economy
    After reading Gryphon's posts in this thread about tachometers, I decided to order an Echometer for msyelf. It's a little guage pod that measures instantaneous MPG, average MPG, revs, and MPH. Sort of like the scanguage II, but is a bit more simple and is pod-shaped instead of a long...
  10. smart General Discussion
    I am embarassed that on my second partial tankfull (5 galons) I average 30 mpg. Whattsup? I installed a scangauge II and I need help in the setup codes. Many different opions on the various sites. Does anyone have the answers? My scangauge said 22.4 mpg! Whattsup? Bruce
  11. New Members Area
    Hello, I have taken a new job that will require commuting. Round trip is 140/day. Want to get a SMART but worried the 3 cylinder engine won't last long with that much driving. Anyone want to comment? Also after reading some of the posts on mpg, I am a little concerned about not being able...
  12. smart General Discussion
    I know that's not how the smart got it's name but anyways lately, I've been using auto-shift almost exclusively to see if my mpg's will increase. The smart seems to get confused about what gear to be in, and sometimes it's a real pain. Although I've gotten used to most of the gearboxes quirks...
  13. Interior & Exterior
    I am interested in purchasing the Scanguage II but would like to know if all of the advertised functions work on the SF2.
  14. smart News & Rumors
    Smart Car catches eye, then envious looks on The Murfreesboro Post
  15. smart General Discussion
    Hey guys i did it we had a meet today in mt dora florida i traveled all the way from tampa florida there and back was exactly 200 miles and i filled up 4 gallons of gas when i got back for an exact total of 50mpg :) i was shocked i was averaging 42 before that tank
  16. smart General Discussion
    My first tank yielded 37.6 mpg. My second tank yielded 35.4 mpg. I checked my third tank mileage and found I azm down to 32.2 mpg. What is going on? * I drive mostly highway miles to and from work. * I only use 91 octane Chevron gasoline. * I am using the automatic D gear more often to...
  17. smart General Discussion
    Greetings Gang, How much has your MPG suffer using the Air Conditioner? After using the A/C constantly, I found myself with @ 28 MPG which I consider poor. Of course, this was my first fill up and would expect better gas mileage when the vehicle is broken in, etc. Does running the A/C really...
  18. smart General Discussion
    When I picked up my car a couple weeks ago My dealer told me SMART said it is OK to use non Premium Fuel. He said they still advise using it for best performance however. Was anyone else told this? My salesman, Tony, just returned from a weeks worth of training by Smart USA.
1-19 of 29 Results