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  1. Going To My Gig Loaded With Drums

    Going To My Gig Loaded With Drums

    I had to try go to gig loaded with drums
  2. what does a smart car ad feel like?

    smart General Discussion
    This is for a Graduate level school project. There is no compensation and we plan to release the video on YouTube upon completion. What does a smart car ad feel like? What kind of music? Is it funny? Is it cocky? Is it pretentious? Is it quiet? loud? Does it make fun of people with big and...
  3. geomac new member

    New Members Area
    Hi, just got my new 2009 smart blue/silver passion and loving it. Hope to be able to put website of my timeperfectmusic on without having to get commercial plates any suggestions?
  4. Music Game

    Off-Topic Cafe
    How the game is played: "You have to post a song title that has at least one similar word from the previous title posted. " ie... W.O.M.A.N.-- Etta James... next one could be... Voodoo Woman...-Smiley Smith... You see... simple... To start this game .... (and I hope you find it a fun one...