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  1. 453 - Nav unit temperature settings (F/C)

    For some reason my nav unit is insisting upon showing the weather (tom tom live weather area) as Fahrenheit. The units everywhere else on the system, including the display by the speedometer and everywhere else in the nav unit are set to Celsius. When I first got it home prior to updating it...
  2. Highline Radio Traffic

    New Members Area
    I'm new and am not sure where this is going to post at. I have a 2011 Lightshine, got on my birthdayAug 27 2011, with the Highline radio/nav unit. I already have over 10,000 miles on it as I have to travel between GA and NC every other week. I can not find the traffic announcemnts that are shown...
  3. Priceless

    Audio & Video
    REMOVED: smart premium sound system, $350 ADDED; after 13 hours of labor that gutted the entire interior: Pioneer Avic-D3X;Bluetooth, Ipod, XM NavTraffic Alpine PDX-5;5-channel car amplifier; 75 watts RMS x 4 + 300 watts RMS x 1; under passenger sear Front; Boston Acoustics Pro60; 6-3/4"...
  4. New owner and sooo much info

    Audio & Video
    Help !! I just picked up my car last week and I am on information overload. At first I was just going to Best Buy to hook up my Sirius radio. Now after looking on here, I think I can get one unit that will include: 1. Sirius 2. Radio 3. NAV 4. Blue tooth Any suggestions? I will have it...