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  1. While in Neutral, Car Tries to Move Forward.

    New Members Area
    My 2009 SMART Passion ForTwo will not drive and is experiencing a really strange behavior. What happens is that I start the car, and while it's in park and idling, it will disengage the clutch just until it slightly lugs forward like an inch... then stop pretty much as soon as it's detecting...
  2. Where did neutral come from?

    New Members Area
    Good morning from a first time user.....:wink: I have a 2009 SmartCar named Einstein. Hes been such a great ride from day one, that is, until a couple of months ago. While driving a short distance at normal highway speed, suddenly he jumped into neutral and there was absolutely NO way to put...
  3. Put car in Neutral without engine running (flooded car)

    smart General Discussion
    :(:eek::confused: My Smart Car got flooded because of Sandy. It is full of mud and Leaves and floated 10 blocks away from my house. Can someone please help me. I need to put my car in neutral so I can move it or DSNY said they will takeit away with the rest of the garbage pile. Is there any way...
  4. Problems - no shi(f)t.

    Indiana Chapter
    Hey, gang, today my smart wouldn't shift into reverse. It went to neutral and the engine revved. I tried Drive with no luck. Went back and forth several times to no avail. Finally turned off the engine then re-started which seemed to solve the problem. Words of wisdom please! This...
  5. If battery is dead is there a way to shift Neutral?

    smart General Discussion
    I recently left my lights on (yeah - my bad) and drained the battery :mad:. Since I have another car in the garage I thought - "let me just push the SMART car aside and drive the other one". Lo and behold, I couldn't get the gear out of the park position. So I had to wait for AAA to come by to...