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  1. New Members Area
    Is basically how I'm convincing myself to do this. I took a new job and have to drive about 60 miles a day now in my Tacoma which only gets about 16mpg. So by leasing the inexpensive and fuel efficient Smart, the money I'm saving on gas basically covers the cost of a lease. I've settled on the...
  2. St. Louis Chapter
    Disclaimer: I am a bit short on time, so perhaps my question has been answered already elsewhere. If someone thinks my questions have been answered, just indicate that. That said... I am seriously considering a smart car. I hate to buy new because of the depreciation of new vehicles, but if I...
  3. New Members Area
    Hi all, My boyfriend and I picked up a new 2013 pure in black/white + AC & Radio yesterday at the MB/Smart Center of Bloomfield Hills. What a fun car! I think our only regret is not getting the additional instruments and some floor mats. Anyways I'd like to say hi, and start off with a few...
  4. New Members Area
    Hey all, I've been lurking the forums in my spare time and figured I should post an intro. As of today, I'm the proud owner of a 2010 passion coupe. I've been researching the smart for some time (ever since the idea of owning one popped into my head a little over a year ago) and considering...
  5. New Members Area
    Got my beautiful blue 2009 Passion Cabrio on 3 July for my 44th birthday (on the 5th). Happy to find this group. I am in Sandwich, IL, just west of Chicago. Interested to learn about all things Smart! Will post a pic soon!:o
1-5 of 5 Results