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  1. smart fortwo Electric Drive
    Started in anticipation of May 1st (or 3rd) deliveries. :) Let us know when you get your new electric drive (or whatever smart is calling them this week....) 1. cooltoys, NY 2. Woody14619, NY 3. hunger, CA 4. zipperdu, CA 5. Don Bearden, CA* 6. Jeffrey Myers, MD?* * from
  2. New York Chapter
    I will unfortunately have to cancel this meet due to no available participants. Hopefully something can be done in the near future! Moderators: Thanks for your help. Hey all, Since joining the forums, I haven't seen any organized meet ups in the NYC area. While I unfortunately don't have...
  3. New York Chapter
    Hi. I am a TV producer in NYC, casting a promo video shoot about Smart Fortwo enthusiasts for a national cable network. It's basically a lifestyle snapshot about the car owner, why they are passionate about driving it, and what's the best thing they were able to do with their SmartCar because of...
  4. New York Chapter
    With all due respect to all of you downstaters, we need to get something going upstate. It is too big a state for us western ny ers to get together downstate. Is there interest here?:D
1-4 of 8 Results