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  1. Intro: New 2011 Passion (451) Owner

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    Hi all, Like many others I have seen here, I have been interested in owning a Smart for some time, but wasn't ready to take the plunge on one as my only vehicle. This past week I came across one, though, that I couldn't resist picking up. It's a 2011 Passion, light blue and silver, only 30k on...
  2. Just a quick hello from a new Seattle owner

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    New to the site and wanted to introduce myself. I just purchased a 2009 Passion Cabriolet yesterday from Seattle Mercedes. While I've always thought smart cars were pretty cool, recently my interest increased when I started using Car2Go here in Seattle as a supplement to public transit...
  3. Questions from a soon to be new Smart Owner?

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    All, I've been looking for a new car, I'm "not in need" of a new car, my existing traditional car is doing well now. Having said that, I put $500 down on a 2013 Smart Passion Coupe yesterday, with it coming in later next week, but I now (perhaps too late) have a few questions (the last one...
  4. Hello from NW Indiana!

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    Hello everyone! I just love my little car, as well as you all probably do! I have been purchasing stuff left and right for it. I just ordered everything to change the interior trim to a carbon fiber look, I'll post some images when all of my upgrades are finished. I have a ton of other...
  5. Hello, Philly/South Jersey!

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    After a month of lurking and devouring all of the information so kindly provided by the smart owners of these forums, I decided it was about time I step out of the shadows and say hello. My name is Lauren, I'm a Environmental Science/Geology major at Temple University in Philly and I'm picking...
  6. Hello from Liverpool guitarist!

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    Hi Guys, Greetings from the UK. I have been a smartie for a few weeks now and people have asked me how I'm going to get on with my guitars? Erm, easy they fit in with loads of room! Who would think you can get a telecaster in the boot? See why I changed to a smart on my blog
  7. New Member in MN

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    Greetings, Just got my first smart, 2008 fortwo Passion coupe, Metallic Blue/Black/Black with Fog Lights, Tach/Clock, Premium Sound, AW floor mats, and Cargo cover. I bought used with low miles and a great price. The cabrio would have been nice, but it was a cold day for a test drive, and I...