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  1. New York Chapter
    Hi, I live on the Upper West Side and I'm about to start a job which covers 2 hospitals, one on the UES and one in Washington Heights. Since my job involves crazy hours when crosstown buses aren't yet running and the subway is infrequent, I'm looking into other transportation options that are...
  2. New York Chapter
    Hello all.. This sub-sections for New York seems a little quiet, but I'm hoping there's still many of you lurking around on here. I've done a search for the answer to my question, and I can't really see a previous thread that applies, so I'm going to ask it here. My apologies if I missed it...
  3. Smart Billboard Nyc

    Billboard on the Corner of Broome and Crosby in Downtown NYC
  4. New York Chapter
    Hi everyone, Our company is looking for a Smart car for a marketing campaign. This requires the car to be wrapped for the duration of the campaign. The location will be in New York city. If anyone in the area is willing to rent one to us or if there are companies out there that provide this...
1-5 of 5 Results