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  1. smart General Discussion
    Called smart today after being contacted By Ft worth Dealer that the car was on its way. I cancelled the Reservation. Headed to Fort Worth is the following. Rally Red Passion Black Tridon Black Cloth Interior Panarama Roof Fog Lights Tach Clock Group Factory Alarm Decided The warranty and...
  2. smart General Discussion
    Hey Guys, Just letting everyone know that the :smartlogo:SF smart center have some available orphans. Oh yeah..If you are interested in a Cabriolet, you should definitely contact us and perhaps grab one at the 08 pricing and save yourself about a thousand dollar! :D Financing available
  3. smart center Dealerships
    > showroom sale SAVE $500.00 :smartlogo: On Select Models ** SALE PRICE ENDS 12/31/08 @ 6:00 PM **
  4. New Members Area
    My dealer had offered me an orphan - "the car comes equipped with our “street smart” package which includes ext. serv. 60 months/75,000 miles, wheel and tire protection 60 mon., Lojack, and IBEX interior protection. The car has Red Metallic Panels and the comfort package and is priced at...
  5. Pacific NorthWest Region
    I have a used Smart reserved. It's supposed to be at the dealership (not the Smart dealership) on Monday. I'd really rather have a new one. If yours is coming in soon and you're having second thoughts, let me know. Thanks!
  6. GPS

    smart General Discussion
    When picking up my Silver/Silver Passion on Wed., I spotted an "orphan" Passion on the Mercedes dealer's showroom floor. It was right beside a bright red SLR. The thing that really caught my eye was that it had been equipped with an aftermarket GPS/radio/DVD etc. apparently made by Kenwood...
  7. smart Delivery
    This morning we took a 200 road trip to pick up an orphan in Round Rock, Texas. We received "the" call from Jordan Tuesday morning and made all the arrangements for financing, trade-in, and add ons on Thursday. We live North of Dallas but were willing to travel 200 miles to own a Smart! She...
  8. New Members Area
    Hello :) I am new to the whole Smart world. Sorry if this question has been asked and answered over and over and over ;) How often does a person get the chance to bring home an "Orphan"? Is it a common thing to have one sitting on the lot waiting for someone to buy it? My husband and I...
1-9 of 11 Results