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  1. OBD2 'Air' failure - P0410

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Hey brains trust, I need your help please! I'll try to keep this short... I have 2008 and it was running fine. A little while ago the Secondary Air Pump made that screeching sound telling me it was dying. It made the sound one more time then died; no Check Engine Light. A few weeks later...
  2. P2440 First, Then P0410!

    smart General Discussion
    Hey guys about a week ago my 2009 Smart Fortwo Passion threw code P2440 (Powertrain, Secondary Air Injection System Switching Valve Stuck Open bank1). I did a little research on here and found out that it is pretty common with these cars. I got the part number and replaced the Electric Change...
  3. Two fault codes, two questions

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    We recently got our 2010 Smart back from the mechanic (he replaced the PCV valve and cleaned out all the oil from the intake manifold etc. that was expelled from the crankcase). After a few days of driving we got the Check-Engine Light, I scanned the codes and got P0410 - Secondary Air...