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  1. smart General Discussion
    Hey I just bought a car at smart center in Portland and although I didn't buy a Smart car (I bought a Yaris) I just wanted everyone to know what a great experience it was. It started with Glenn on the phone who was super helpful and got right back to me. Then went on to Brian who helped me...
  2. Better Than New?

    Drums, rotors and calipers painted - wheels shined up inside and out - new EBC pads
  3. Check That Pad Springs Are Seated

    The springs should not stick out of the housing opening
  4. Position Caliper Housing Over Pads

    Tighten 13 MM bolts with box end wrench - not too much torque - perhaps 30 fps
  5. Position Pads In Housing

    Used a little anti-seize lubricant on back of pads by piston and caliper forks to prevent binding
  6. New Pads

    Bought a set of EBC Black pads from smarts-R-us in the UK. Also showing original OEM pads
  7. Attach rotor and Caliper Frames

    18mm socket - torque to 80 foot lbs.
  8. Wax Wheel Rims To Make Them Easier To Clean

    I applied two coats of Liquid Glass to help repel dirt and make them easier to clean in the future
  9. Sand Off Overspray And Rust

    Make sure parts are clean and ready to reassemble
  10. Finished Multiple Light Coats Of Paint

    Perhaps 8 light coats of paint
  11. Clean Inside Of Wheels

    While waiting between the coats of paint to setup, I scrubbed the inside of the wheels
  12. Notice Difference In Colors Between Can And Spray

    I bought a Dupli-Color Caliper Paint Kit which has a 8 oz. can of paint that is more orange than the separate spray can of Yellow Dupli-Color Caliper Paint
  13. Caliper Frame And Old Pads

    2008 smart fourtwo 451 with original Bosch pads
  14. Remove Caliper Frame

    Use 18 MM socket
1-20 of 27 Results