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  1. smart General Discussion
    Some jerk decided to ram their car door into my passenger side, then they keyed it. :crying: I have two scratch marks that are quite noticeable. (vertical white-ish scratches on the left is from their door & black scratch is where they keyed it) I live in a town where pretty much no one has...
  2. smart Parts Marketplace
    FOR SALE - Used 2008 smart ForTwo (451) Red (Painted-On-Color) Panels 1 - Rear Quarter Outer Panel LH $200 1 - Rear Quarter Outer Panel RH $200 1 - Door Outer Panel LH $200 1 - Door Outer Panel RH $ 200 1 - Lower Rear Fascia Panel $175 1 - Drop-down Rear Door Panel with "smart" Letter Emblem...
  3. smart Parts Marketplace
    I know I dont post often, but this community is always kind and open hearted. So today, my wife tapped the back of a trailer by accident and dented R2 pretty good. The cap for the flood light even popped out. Seems it needs replacement. Smart wants $140. Hoping to catch someone who can give me a...
  4. smart General Discussion
    I have an all black 09 Smart Fortwo and the rear centre panel appears to be fading on the sides due to sun exposure. I have read that this part of the car does not have a clear coat applied, is that correct? Any idea what I can do to fix, or at least prevent this from occurring further? (Sorry...
  5. DCsmart
    I currently have silver panels on my 2009 Passion Coupe and I feel like changing it up. Why?... because we can! Anyone want to trade panels? Mine are in pretty good condition. There are a few nicks in it from pebbles on the highway, but other than that they're great.
1-5 of 6 Results