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  1. smart General Discussion
    Thought everyone might enjoy the rather smart line up that greeted me one morning on the way to work recently... :D
  2. smart General Discussion
    Hi I have a two-part question: I know that you can't put a roof rack on a smart, but is there a weight limit for what you can put on it? I want to put a top hat, about three feet high, on top. It will be for just an hour or so. Does anyone have any suggestions for constructing something like...
  3. Pacific NorthWest Region
    Just googled it... Holiday Inn at Issaqua rates at $94 for a double. I know mom and I will be staying over on Friday night. Hope to see lots o smarts that weekend. dani
  4. Pacific NorthWest Region
    Express your interest here for -- THE FESTIVAL AT MT. SI GRAND PARADE NORTH BEND, WA Saturday AUGUST 8th, 2009 Since the parade is already organized, basically all one needs to do is give a heads up and show up with a clean car. :) Marty/bigcritter has already been in touch with the parade...
  5. Smarties

    smart parader's #1 choice treat!
  6. Pacific NorthWest Region
    What a great day it was in Keizer, Oregon. Clear blue skies, temps in the low 80s and more sun than we've seen in the last 3 months. We had 8 smarts in the parade this year and it was a blast. Thanks to Mikie for organizing and sticking his neck out in his own town. I've got a feeling we...
  7. California Chapter
    Ok So Cal Smarties! Here are the details for those who wish to participate in the Play Days Parade on May 16, 2009. Go to: 1) Fill the out the top half of form as instructed with your contact and insurance information. Where it says...
  8. Florida Chapter
    Smart Center Weston is hosting the first annual parade of Smart Cars. Come and show us your Smarts and enjoy an awesome BBQ September 21st, 2008 We will start at "Tower Shops" @ 1904 S University Dr., Davie, FL 33324 @ 11:30am We will then leave @ 12 Noon and drive together to the dealership for...
  9. OC Smarties
    The Laguna Niguel Holiday Parade is December 13th, 10AM to noon. We are now an official entry in the parade. Please comfirm if you are attending or not as I have to get you a staging pass to enter the parade. Below is the interest list, email me at [email protected] with your...
  10. Michigan Region
    We will be in this year's East Grand Rapids 4th of July parade followed by a chance for the community to see our cars and talk to us about them. This is a fun all day event starting with the parade at 10 AM, then all day festivities in town and ending with the fireworks display at 10 PM. City...
  11. Smart Fortwo Parade Uniform

    Here is my Smart Fortwo Pure decorated for the Jamesburg Memorial Parade. The flags on the roof kept falling over.
  12. New Members Area
    I am a new Smart Car owner/SCOA Member and last week a guy on a mountain bike came up to me at a stop light and told me about this website. He also said that in June there is going to be a Smart Car event driving around Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota. Does anyone have information about this? I...
  13. Iris Parade

    More pic from Iris Parade
  14. Iris Parade

    More pic from Iris Parade
  15. Iris Parade

    More pic from Iris Parade
  16. Parade!

    Iris Parade, Keizer Oregon, May 17, 2008. five forum members and their cars: mikie, John_H, Susie 1382, rexnmiller, notsobadyathink.
1-20 of 31 Results