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  1. smart News & Rumors
    Apparently it is now valid to park perpendicular to the curb, at least in the UK. The woman in this article has done it countless times and fought the ticket she was given regarding the act (and won). Smart car owner wins year-long battle after parking her car at right angle* | Daily Mail...
  2. New Members Area
    Hello :-) Just wanna say hi abd introduce myself. My name is Milad and I'm happy to own a 2013 red and silver smart cabrio with black soft top, love the fun little car, first drive home from dealer I received rock chip in the windshield :-(, what's one gonna do, google search ref cracked smart...
  3. Alameda Perking Enforcement

    Giving tickets in style down in Alameda, CA
  4. smart News & Rumors
    The Bayonne Parking Authority has bought two gas-sipping Smart Cars for parking enforcement. Officials say the Smart Car Pure Coupes are half the price of a new Interceptor, the normal mode of transport for enforcement agents. Mayor Mark A. Smith commended the Parking Authority for getting...
  5. smart Videos
    Hey guys! I thought this was an awesome video I found on YouTube and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!
  6. New Members Area
    Hello! I'm considering the purchase of a Fortwo in the near future and was wondering . . . I've heard that some parking lots in urban areas are offering half price parking for owners of these vehicles. Does anyone know of any such lots in the Chicago Loop? Maybe there's a directory of some...
  7. Midget Parking

    Here is a picture of me next to the Midget Car Parking sign.
  8. smart Gallery
    Hey everybody! Just got back from an event where we parked at the Marriott in Shelton, CT and we saw this for parking. I am not sure what to make of this...are they calling our cars midget cars? Anyway, what do you think of this? Hope you are all doing well. Sincerely, Brett
  9. Midget Parking

    These are some pictures of the Holiday Inn parking spots in Shelton, CT. Hilarious!
  10. Midget Parking

    These are some pictures of the Holiday Inn parking spots in Shelton, CT. Hilarious!
  11. Midget Parking

    These are some pictures of the Holiday Inn parking spots in Shelton, CT. Hilarious!
  12. Parking1

    parked at apartment complex
  13. Parking Spot

  14. 3 Car Garage

    smart Passion, smart Brabus Cabrio, and PT Cruiser in 2 car garage.
  15. smart General Discussion
    Today I received a warning from Hillsboro, Oregon police for parking my fortwo nose in to the curb in front of my house. Upon request the police officer emailed me this information: City of Hillsboro Municipal Code 10.12.020(F)(G) Prohibited Parking. A vehicle on the left side of any...
  16. Smart Parking?

    Parked in an end slot at parking garage at the office.
  17. Checkmate

    Parking two'fer one
  18. Double-parked At Chipolte For Lunch

    We met up with 2 other Smarties at Chipolte for lunch and double parked!
  19. smart General Discussion
    Whole family came from all over and met for a July birthday dinner last night as most of the family has B-Days in July. There was one parking spot right in the front and it was raining so I pulled forward and let my parents pull in behind me. 2 for 1 parking. :D My sisters kept screaming...
1-20 of 24 Results