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  1. 453
    Hello all -- it's been ages since I've been here (I was an original owner from 2008, and then "upgraded" to the 453 in 2016). Someone, for reasons that I cannot understand, swiped my fuel filler door flap cover. It is part no. 45375400009696 . SmartMadness (love those guys) can get it from...
  2. 453
    Hey everyone. Where can I get a used auto transmission for 2016 Smart around NYC area? I looked at carpart but there's nothing close by. Thanks
  3. smart Operation and Maintenance
    side mirror broke off from the car wash and they refuse to pay for it. The glass and housing is intact but the connection for the car to mirror the plastic is broken. Mercedes has the mirror housing for 275 trying to look for a 3rd party site with no luck. ebay has Smart Car Fortwo Passion...
  4. smart General Discussion
    Looking for a clutch actuator for my 2009 ForTwo to be specific. Any recommendations??
  5. smart General Discussion
    Does anyone have a passenger side lower skirt that you're not using (maybe swapped out w/ fiberglass)?? Mine disappeared, fell off, stolen, I don't know. I need 1 on the cheap. Thanks, Mike G
1-5 of 5 Results