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  1. smart fortwo (451 - US vehicle)
    Hello all. I had no idea this forum existed until recently! I need your advice: I'm taking my 2013 Smart ForTwo (451) abroad for two years to a place with 1) no Smart Cars at all, 2) no Smart mechanics, and 3) definitely no Smart parts! So, I'll have to fix anything that breaks :D What would...
  2. smart Parts Marketplace
    451 3x112 3 lug nut wheels original in okay condition. They have been used, not going to lie. Just bought new wheels so I don’t need these anymore. If you need wheels but don’t care as much what they look like and need to save money these are for you. I mainly selling to help someone else out if...
  3. smart General Discussion
    Hi! I have a 2018 fortwo, and I'm wondering if anyone has found good side-window rain guards/sun guards. I'm looking for something that I could have the windows down an inch and not get wet when it's raining. I haven't had a whole lot of luck looking on my own. Thanks in advance!
  4. Pacific NorthWest Region
    Parts can be viewed at Please message me on either site for details. I'm happy to make a deal.
  5. smart Operation and Maintenance
    Can someone please give me the part number for the screw that holds the front brake rotor on? tnx -Barry-
  6. New Members Area
    Just got my 2013 Smart Passion and need advice on where to buy fluids and spare parts. I am in Dayton Ohio with the closest service center 38 miles away in Cincinnati. Starting Questions: would it be "smart" to buy oil, filters, antifreeze, washer fluid, car wax etc from my local O'Reilly's? Or...
  7. smart Parts Marketplace
    I have a smart 450 pure that is being turned into parts. The poor old girl is in rough shape but is going to contribute to the continued life of her fellow smarts. All the glass is intact(although the windshield is what you would expect from a 10 year old car) Rear glass has lettering on it. 2...
  8. smart General Discussion
    My wife has a 2009 ForTwo Passion that we bought used with 30,000 miles on it for $8000. Now, 3 months and 1000 miles later, we have what seems to be little better than an anchor. Yesterday, 15 minutes from home the car started shaking, smelling of smoke and then finally cut out a minute later...
  9. Colorado Chapter
    Can anyone give me a link for fog lights for the 2008 Passion? I'd like LED but want to be sure I purchase the correct ones. MB of Westminster wants $1,000.00 bucks for theirs. My thinking is buy the ones I want on-line and have MB install them. Any thoughts?
  10. smart Modifications
    can anyone tell me what brands or products are out there for smart car performance:confused:
  11. smart General Discussion
    a couple of weeks ago i had an accident and had a wheel and tpm sensor damaged and a rear drivers side quarter panel. The shops working on the problem had issues with both the Cincinnati and the Louisville dealers. My tire guy ordered the tpm sensor and only got half the part, Mercedes...
  12. Dealers and Parts
    I am located in Northwestern Ontario and can make arrangements for delivery to Manitoba, Minnesota and NW Ontario. I will happily ship elsewhere, but probably not the glass. I have the following parts available: (any panels are black) Rear light assemblies left and right door panels, left...
  13. Dealers and Parts
    Rear light assembly Kerf and right door panels Both floor mats Right door large glass Left and right door small glass Windshield Roof glass Rear glass door Engine cover Wheel well styrofoam Left front panel Left and right rear panels Wiper assemblies 5 spoke rim and tire
  14. smart fortwo (451 - US vehicle)
    where to get replacement "lips & grille"? My 2009 Smart 451 Passion was hit by a object flying off a passing vehicle, taking a bite out of her "top lip" and pushing the grille in! She still smiles, but it makes me sad! Anyone know of any web sites to get them replaced?
  15. smart Operation and Maintenance
    Has any one seen the engine lowering pins in action? If so, have you seen a part number? I want to know if the engine lowering pins for the 451 (2008+) are the same as the ones for the 450. Here are the pins I found along with their part number: Evilution - Smart Car Encyclopaedia (scroll to...
  16. smart General Discussion
    My Smart kissed a car on March 23. My dealership here in Bedford Ohio indicates that it received authorization to fix on April 6th. We are now three weeks post approval and we still do not have parts. Collision shop says there is nothing they can do. Mercedes parts shop says they've placed the...
  17. Original (450) smart fortwo
    Hi 450 fans, Check this out! Wider Rear Wheel Arches - smartPitStop Lend the smart a sporty touch and underline the powerful appearance. Supplied unpainted, enabling simple adaptation to any individual paintwork. Harmonise perfectly with the smart styling. Set of 2 (L&R). By the...
  18. storage, obsolete threads (locked)
    Hi, Maintance Flap link- (smartPitStop) - 95% as New with tiny scratches - Originally from 451 fortwo 2009 - Genuine parts and also we got more 451 parts instock as well. Feel free to sent your enquiry to us. smartPitStop
1-18 of 42 Results