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  1. 09 Passion, new beater? $2K

    smart Vehicle Marketplace
    I have for sale my 09 fortwo passion. No dash lights I've replaced the alternator and fuel pump myself, new-ish rear tires (less than 2kmiles), had an alignment done and had an inspection and recall parts replacement done at the mercedes dealwership a few days ago where they told me what i...
  2. 2010 Engine Over Heated

    New Members Area
    Hi All, New to this group. I've had a 2010 since Jan 2010 and while I love it, I've had several problems. It only has 68,000 miles and already has a new transmission (45k), new brakes, new tires, and the bulbs burn out every few months... The latest issue is that I seem to have an engine that...
  3. 2008 passion 451 (no start)

    Hi hope this is ok and in the right section. Long time reader first time poster. So shes been a good car for a while and I really love how she looks and drives. Other day she started ran for 1 second and shut off. I no longer hear that 2 second buzz priming noise near my head when the Keys...
  4. For Sale: 2009 Smart Fortwo Passion One Owner Clean Title

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    -Sold- 2009 Smart Fortwo Passion One Owner Clean Title ***SOLD*** Thank You. One Owner with the Clean Title and Clean Car Fax report Car runs and looks great with no issue Great for Mileage, Parking and just fun to just drive around. Location: San Jose, CA Price: $4,200 OBO Mileage: 91800...
  5. blown OEM underseat subwoofer disconnect?

    Audio & Video
    hi! ive got a 2015 smart fortwo passion with the fancier radio option and the under-seat sub. recently a friend of mine cranked the radio up much too loud and the under-seat woofer got blown and now it just rattles.:shrug: i was wondering if there was a way to unplug or disable the sub without...
  6. Intro: New 2011 Passion (451) Owner

    New Members Area
    Hi all, Like many others I have seen here, I have been interested in owning a Smart for some time, but wasn't ready to take the plunge on one as my only vehicle. This past week I came across one, though, that I couldn't resist picking up. It's a 2011 Passion, light blue and silver, only 30k on...
  7. Leaking along windshielf and A-pillar junctions

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Hi, my smart is a 2013 passion that I have had since new. The past 2-3 months I've started noticing the car leaks after it rains. Usually when it's actively raining things seem fine, but the following day when I start driving water drips out of the seams in the plastic covering the A pillars on...
  8. 2008 fortwo Passion Coupe- Passenger foot area

    smart General Discussion
    Hello, I am a new member and will make an official introduction when I am back on my computer (on cell now). I was hoping if someone could post a pic of the passenger foot area to see how the carpet/floor area sits. I ask because I just purchased my smart and I'm doing work on it to get it ready...
  9. Wanted: 2008/9 Blue/Silver smart Olympia, WA

    smart Vehicle Marketplace
    Ideally blue panels/silber tridion is the most important Passion Coupe Comfort package Fog Lights Send me a PM if you have anything close and are in the tri-state area.
  10. For Sale: 08 Passion rims with tires and sensors (SOLD)

    smart Parts Marketplace
    Hi i have a set (front and back) rims and tires off my 08 passion the tires where put on at the beginning of this year (Continental contiprocontact) and have about 600 miles on them the wife got me a bigger rim and tire set for my b-day in May so i kept them for backups but now i think they need...
  11. New Guy

    New Members Area
    Hey everybody! I'm new here and i never thought there would this much hype about Smart Cars! I just bought a 2008 Smart Passion Cabrio (Rally Red). I'm really interested in finding a group in Indiana, preferably around Indy. I'm happy to be a part of this site! I will post some pictures of my...
  12. For Sale: 2008 Yellow SMART Convertible

    smart Vehicle Marketplace
    I'm selling my super fun little SMART Passion Convertible. It's yellow and black, is in very good condition and has relatively low miles (just under 58k) . Super fun to drive and I get lots of smiles and waves, especially when the top is all the way down. I think most of this is standard, but...
  13. For Sale: 09 Smart Car Passion ForTwo CONVERTIBLE low miles 50k $8450 in Waterford Michigan

    smart Vehicle Marketplace
    Up for sale is my 2009 Smart Car Passion For Two - It has powered CONVERTIBLE top! - Red and Black my opinion the best color to get these in! - Rims are Flat Black with Red Calipers - Heated Seats (rare for a smart car) - Amazing Gas millage! I get over 50 mpg! - Low miles Only 50K - Most of...
  14. Wanted: Front 15x4.5 9 Spoke Passion Wheel

    smart Parts Marketplace
    Hey everyone, I'm looking for a single front 15x4.5 9 spoke passion wheel for my 2008 Passion. PM me if you have one for sale and thanks in advance!
  15. Hey, Smart car Problems

    New Members Area
    Hello, i have a Smart car 2007 passion for two i was driving today and i went to press the breaks to stop at a traffic lights and the car felt like it stalled, So i then turned the engine off and then i tried to turn it again and it wont start now, the ignition comes on but the car wont start...
  16. '13 Passion

    New Members Area
    Finally got one! It's Mine! Silver/Silver. heated seats. Brabus rims. Daytime LED Running Lights. comfort package, technology package - DVD CD , connect all- nav. Leather seats. All Fun. Atlanta heat should be fun...
  17. Willie G.

    Willie G.

  18. Black On Black

    Black On Black

    2013 le passion
  19. 2013 Passion

    2013 Passion

  20. Rx for Window Tint

    New Members Area
    So this may have been posted before but i want to let everyone know it actually works! My eye doctor perscribed me window tint due to Photophobia, which is " is a symptom of abnormal intolerance to visual perception of light" not a 'fear' of light or anything like that. Has anyone else been...