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    Hi Folks, I have a brand new OEM Universal Smartphone holder, it is original from Mercedes Benz, it has the USB dongle in the back, I bought this for my 2018 Smart electric. Price was $119 + tax, i am willing to do $85 OBO paypal (Free Shipping). Thanks -John
  2. smart General Discussion
    Greetings all! I purchased a 2008 smart car convertible last week. Attached to my radio is in this picture. It looks like a phone or bluetooth connection. I took out the stereo and followed the wire but it didnt really lead anywhere that i could tell. I am very techno savvy and I looked...
  3. smart Operation and Maintenance
    Hello All, My radio is going all flakey on me. B4 I have the dealer take a look at it has anyone seen their radio flash "Phone/Navi"? Mine switches from whatever source i am on to "phone/Navi" for upwards of 30 seconds then flips back.. Bad radio? bad connection / harness causing a ground on...
1-3 of 6 Results