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  1. 451
    Hi there! We've had a 2013 MHD fortwo for a couple of years now and are trying to upgrade the radio from a Sony aftermarket head unit to the Pioneer SPH-DA130DAB due to the Apple CarPlay etc 😄 However, Halfords (UK car parts chain) fitted it today for us and when we got in the car afterwards...
  2. smart Parts Marketplace
    perfect condition $110 with shipping included it fits perfectly on the back seat if you build a box. (need bomm on your Rumm) these are perfect for smarties.:D
  3. Pioneer App Radio 2 With Iphone 5

    Pioneer App Radio 2 with HDMI Digital AV connection to the Apple iPhone 5
  4. App Radio Cables

    Cables and Adapters needed for the App Radio 2
  5. Audio & Video
    I have been waiting for a solution since the Apple iPhone 5 was released. My old radio was the Pioneer App Radio 1 which works great with the iPhone 4s and back. Pioneer however did not anticipate the digital video upgrade to the iPhone 5 from the analog video iPhone 4. My App Radio was...
  6. smart center Dealerships
    smart center Sacramento is selling our Custom 2008 smart Passion Cabriolet... Customizations Include: Ground Effects Dual-Exhaust Black Leather seats with white suede down center of back and seat Pioneer Audio System - Audio, DVD, IPod... Focal speaker system 17" Wheels with custom rims If...
  7. Pioneer Avic-90bt Install

    GPS wire installed under the Tac/Clock thru modified groove.
  8. Pioneer Avic-90bt Install

    System fully installed
  9. Pioneer Avic-90bt Install

    Microphone for bloottooth installed.
  10. Pioneer Avic-90bt Install

    Working system.
  11. Pioneer Avic-90bt Install

    Radio 10 Ripped out.
  12. Pioneer Avic-90bt Install

    Modified Tac/Clock bottom with groove to fit GPS cable under it.
  13. Pioneer Avic-90bt Install

    All cables installed.
  14. Pioneer Avic-90bt Install

    Neetly Tie-wrapped all cables in budle.
  15. Pioneer Avic-90bt Install

    Antenna Adapter
  16. Pioneer Avic-90bt Install

    Switch to control the brake so you can drive and passenger control dvd or nav.
  17. Pioneer Avic-90bt Install

    Power and speaker harness
  18. Pioneer Avic-90bt Install

    Ipod, GPS and Smart adapter cable
  19. Pioneer Avic-90bt Install

    90BT with smart adapter plate installed
  20. Pioneer Avic-90bt Install

    smart adapter wired to radio and showing what splicers I used. 18 - 22 Butt splicers.
1-20 of 30 Results