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  1. smart Parts Marketplace
    is new comes with hardware asking $5.00 shipping not including since i dont know where it might end up. any questions PM me, thank you.:)
  2. Kermit's License Plate

    My plate on my car........
  3. smart Operation and Maintenance
    Today on the way home from work the MIL (check engine light) came on in my car. When I got it home the first thing I did was call the dealership to ask them if they could look at it. Of course they told me they were closed today. So I thought I'd have a shot at diagnosing it myself. I got...
  4. My Plate...

    1QSMART = 1 cute Smart
  5. smart General Discussion
    I found the site to order my California plates. but I'm confused by the statement that to order, the vehicle must be currently registered??? Does that mean when I pick up the car at the dealer I order the plates? Or is there a way to pre-order and have...
  6. Our Vanity Plate

    MS Paint concept image
1-6 of 6 Results