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  1. Pacific NorthWest Region
    I'm going to Ellensburg Friday and Saturday nights, Jan 16-17 for the WinterHop Brewfest I'll be staying downtown within walking distance of the event locations. Is anyone else interested? :cheers: Timo
  2. Pacific NorthWest Region
    --NW TOY RUN 2008-- December 13 , 2008 Time: 1:30 pm Place: 272nd Park+Ride. Exit 147 off I-5 (Federal Way) Bring: Unopened Toy(s) *Below posted by the creater, kettlman.* TOYS FOR TOTS YEP. THATS RIGHT! SATURDAY DEC.13th 1:30pm AT 272ND PARK N RIDE. EXIT 147. GONNA DRIVE OVER TO...
  3. Mini Meet Smarts

    Mini Meet Smarts

    A big old windmill somewhere outside of Bickleton in Eastern Washington. I was lost most of the afternoon, just following Hedders and keeping Smartfortimo in my rear view mirror.
  4. Pacific NorthWest Region
    OK, ORIDWA smarties- it's time to get serious about our next event. :toot Dunerunner and others have put out some great ideas. We all had a blast at the Prosser meet...
  5. Pacific NorthWest Region
    Hi folks. I figured it was best to start a new list for this. I'm coming down to do the cruise installs of course, but some have mentioned other parts they may want. Here's the deal... you just please post something like: +1 [item name] And I'll tally it all up. Please do NOT use quotes in...
  6. Pacific NorthWest Region
    :megaphone: Sponsored by: SmartMadness What - Isn't it time for a PNW Chapter meet? When - Sept 13-14 it is!! Where - In Prosser, Wa. Who - Anyone with a smart car and the desire to attend the Rally!!
  7. Pacific NorthWest Region
    We had a nice GTG today on Mercer Island, thanks to the organizers. My wife and I didn't stay for the picnic, as I'm still a bit limited on the crutches. Here's a few photos. I'm sure there are better ones coming.
  8. Pacific NorthWest Region
    As mentioned previously I am trying to put together a Meeting and drive of Mercer Island followed by a picnic lunch. The soonest day I can do it is June 8th, 2008. Does that work for the rest of the group? I figured we would beet at Starbuck on the Island around 10:00 then take a lap of the...
  9. Pacific NorthWest Region
    Hey guys, Just thought I would start learning more about each of you... So what part of Seattle is everyone in? I'm located in the South Lake Union area. How about you?