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  1. smart General Discussion
    Hey everyone! I hope you’re all doing well! Im located in Portland, Oregon and am looking for other smart owners to network with! I want to plan a few little meet ups and possibly a larger event this summer. If you’re interested, join our Facebook Group “Pacific Northwest Smart Car Owners”...
  2. White/white Brabus

    My 2014 White on White Brabus
  3. Pacific NorthWest Region
    Hi All, I just got a 2012 Passion and want to replace, upgrade the audio...Does anyone know a shop in town that does this for a Smart? I dont need someone learning on the job! thanks!
  4. smart Operation and Maintenance
    I just had my red 08 cabrio in for its 20K servicing last week, but last night I had an unpleasant situation happen with the transmission. I was on my way to meet some folks and running just about on time, but I stopped to get a Diet Coke at a convenience store and set up my GPS for the last...
  5. Pacific NorthWest Region
    Hi all - We've finally pinned down the date and the details for our drive from Portland to the Falls. Please PM me with your rsvp. I hope to see everybody there! Portland Area Smarts Spring Gathering What: Spring Run from Portland to Multnomah Falls Date...
  6. Pacific NorthWest Region
    I have a used Smart reserved. It's supposed to be at the dealership (not the Smart dealership) on Monday. I'd really rather have a new one. If yours is coming in soon and you're having second thoughts, let me know. Thanks!
  7. Pacific NorthWest Region
    Due to what seems to be a complete lack of concern (I hope that is not the case) for those of us awaiting delivery from PDX, I thought that a Portland specific delivery thread might help us, as smart fortimo says; "see the light at the end of the tunnel." If everyone who has gotten their car...
  8. Pacific NorthWest Region
    I was tooling down NW 23rd and another Smart came toward me. We honked, waved and smiled. It was great. :D I've got a feeling there a handful of Portlanders that are going home tonight telling their families "Those Smart cars are everywhere - I saw 2 at lunchtime!" Ha ha. In 11 days since...
1-8 of 8 Results