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  1. 451
    2009 smart 451 - heater blower quit. No power getting to the blower motor - all fuses good - etc, etc, etc. Went through the Forums - wanted to try everything before I started cutting wires. One of the posts was about a connector on the back of the SAM being intermittent. I lowered the SAM...
  2. smart Operation and Maintenance
    Hi, Newbie here, I hope I'm posting to the proper thread. What is the easiest way to determine if my daughter's 2010 Pure has power steering?
  3. New Members Area
    Is basically how I'm convincing myself to do this. I took a new job and have to drive about 60 miles a day now in my Tacoma which only gets about 16mpg. So by leasing the inexpensive and fuel efficient Smart, the money I'm saving on gas basically covers the cost of a lease. I've settled on the...
  4. smart Modifications
    I have a 2013 Passion Coupe that I wish to add the Electric Power Steering. The rack and pinion and steering assist control module are in place. <U5:pThe following codes are present when the control module is connected: <U5:pC1501 No CAN message ‘Vehicle speed’ from control unit N47-5 (ESP...
  5. smart Modifications
    I just recieved my 2012 Smart car today,and i want to know:cool: can i install power/eletric steering in it?
  6. New Members Area
    Don't know how much longer I have to wait but at least I received the notification to make my final selections by March 8th...I am trying to decide if I want power steering but have definitely decided to upgrade to the cabriolet in a bright red...:)
1-6 of 7 Results