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  1. SOLD - Brooklyn, NY - 2013 Pure

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    Hello! My partner and I have loved using our 2013 Pure around town and all over the East Coast. We're hoping to sell because we cleared the waiting list for a parking space in our building. It's a 2013 Pure with 134,449 miles, black exterior and black/grey interior for $4,000. It's located in...
  2. 2014 Fortwo Pure Radio Wiring

    Audio & Video
    Hey there! New user to the forums (and new Smart owner!), I wanted to try and compile some stuff in a post because I found it was difficult to find information for my specific vehicle and ask a question. However, since I purchased the vehicle used and either there's little information on this...
  3. WAHOOOO!!

    New Members Area
    I just picked up this 2013 ForTwo Pure, it just came off lease. Somebody had it for the past two years and so far I've really only found one scratch and a little chip on a bumper... nothing major, otherwise great shape! All I've had to do was grease up the drivers door hinge as it was squeaky...
  4. Real world mileage -Are specs correct?

    Canada Chapter
    Is Smart purposely understating the average mpg or l/100km in their specs? I recall Hyundai low-balling the MPG on several of their models which ended up settling with a class action lawsuit, owners ended up getting a prepaid credit card for each year they own the car (my daughter is one). I'm...
  5. Picking Up Our Pure

    Picking Up Our Pure

    A happy day, Nov. 18, 2012
  6. For Sale: 2009 Pure with Extras

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    2009 Smart Pure, 14,300 miles, white/black, great condition, $9200 White/machined DeCorsa IQ alloy wheels, all are 5.5" x 15 175/55-15 Tires all around Pioneer Premier sound system with XM, IPOD connection, and Polk Speakers Air Conditioning Alarm system Spare tire with jack (was original front...
  7. Just got a new pure!

    New Members Area
    Hi all, My boyfriend and I picked up a new 2013 pure in black/white + AC & Radio yesterday at the MB/Smart Center of Bloomfield Hills. What a fun car! I think our only regret is not getting the additional instruments and some floor mats. Anyways I'd like to say hi, and start off with a few...
  8. Got My Smart Pure Yesterday

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    Hi to all. I live in Tel Aviv, Israel. I usually drive a Subaru Outback 3.6, and a Gilera (piagio) Fuoco motorcycle. I decided to phase out the Motorcycle and got me a Smart instead, to move around in Tel Aviv, which is horrible traffic wise..:( I love my smart. ANd I am looking for ways to make...
  9. The new guy

    New Members Area
    Hello everyone, Purchased a 09 Pure, black/black, last Wednesday. Today I put my 1000th mile on it! I averaged 46 mpg between the 2 and 1/2 tanks and am excited to see what lies for the future. Any recommendations for snow tires? Should I get rims for my OEM tires? Many more questions but I...
  10. Pure wheel covers- did you ever notice...

    smart fortwo (451 - US vehicle)
    After 3 years, I've just noticed that the "spokes" of my Pure wheel covers angle backward on the driver side and forward on the passenger side! It is now disturbing me more than one could imagine! :eek: This was a pet peeve on a 92 Lexus with the unidirectional wheels years ago when the...
  11. Pure-Passion-Brabus

    smart General Discussion
    What is the main difference with these three models ?
  12. Hello from Danbury CT USA

    New Members Area
    Having recently purchased a 2008 EA01J fortwo Pure from my cousin (thanks Jay!), I am enjoying this vehicle very much. It is Black/Yellow, with a/c and heated electric seats as the only add-on options. (Yup, crank windows!). I am hoping this forum will help me with any issues I may encounter...
  13. Two rear rims needed

    smart Wheels & Tires
    All. Anyone got a set of new or used steel rear 15 X 5.5 rims for smart pure for sale? If so, please send me asking price... Many Thanks, I just need the rims, using the TPMS from the existing tires, and getting a set of General Exclaim UHP 205/50/15's to put on them. :cool:
  14. Add A/C to a pure...?

    smart General Discussion
    Anyone know if you can add A/C to a Smart pure? Second, how hard would it be? Many Thanks, Mattwithcats :eek:
  15. Pure roof removal?

    smart General Discussion
    I've noticed in my pure (with has absolutely no bells or whistles) that there seems to be a couple of spots under the visors where an alan wrench may fit. Is this for if I decide I want to change to panoramic roof, or can I make my coupe into a cabriolet in just a few short turns of the screw?
  16. Smart Center Jacksonville

    Smart Center Jacksonville

    smart center Jacksonville 7018 Blanding Blvd. Jacksonville, FL 32244 904.253.7300
  17. WANTED: Smart Fortwo PURE

    smart center Dealerships
    I have been searching and searching for a Smart Pure for a few months that I can afford. Im 17 and have talked my dad into letting me have one. The only draw back is i have to pay for the car itself alone. He pays everything after that except gas. I would like a Pure because they're basic and...
  18. New to the site...

    New Members Area
    I've had my Smart since July but am just now getting around to joining up. I'd love to hear from some Pure owners out there. I understand we are a rare breed. :)
  19. Our New Yellow Pure

    Our New Yellow Pure

    Black/Yellow Pure hardtop.
  20. Keep It In The Family

    Keep It In The Family

    Two Smart cars fit in our driveway