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  1. Questions from a soon to be new Smart Owner?

    New Members Area
    All, I've been looking for a new car, I'm "not in need" of a new car, my existing traditional car is doing well now. Having said that, I put $500 down on a 2013 Smart Passion Coupe yesterday, with it coming in later next week, but I now (perhaps too late) have a few questions (the last one...
  2. Considering a Smart

    New Members Area
    I have fallen for the styling of the car, and find that everyone who owns one is a chatty Cathy (much like myself). Test driving the convertible was fun, and I can see myself with this car. My only big questions are: How much is it to maintain? Is it durable? I currently own a 2011 Scion tC...
  3. Help installing XM onyX satellite radio

    Audio & Video
    I have a 2008 Fortwo passion with original radio and recently purchased an XM Onyx unit to get satellite radio. When plugging the power adapter neither the LED nor the radio turn on. I exchanged the unit and I am having the same problem with the new one. However, the power adapters for my...