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  1. Android 9.0 Media Center for 2011-2015 Smart for Two $150

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    Android 9.0 DVD Multimedia System for 2011-2015 Smart for Two- $200 9 in. IPS Touch Screen Screen Protector 4 Core 2g/32 Rom Built in WiFi Satellite GPS Bluetooth Mirrorlink Support Android & IPhone Apple Carplay Support App installation DVR/USB High Speed 1080/720p AM/FM Band with RDS Supports...
  2. For Sale: 2008 Smart 451 Radio 10 (AM/FM/6-CD)

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    I have a radio I pulled out of my Smart before I sold it. It's the higher end radio with a 6 CD changer built in. It's a Visteon radio. It was working perfectly before I pulled it out and has been sitting for about a year unused. The body/face is in great condition, except for the volume knob...
  3. Original equipment?

    smart General Discussion
    This may sound a bit strange, but is there some place or recommended way for me to find out what equipment / options were supposed to be on my 2008 Smart when I bought it? I'm asking because I think I paid for the Radio 10, but only have a Radio 9 installed. (Yeah, I know, it's a bit late, but...
  4. Stereo for 2009 451, multiple disc/mp3, aux input

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    Item: 6 disc/mp3 player for 2009 451 Price: $100 or best offer Worked well, but I upgraded to some snooty patooty touch screen with Bluetooth, and would like to sell it to help cover cost of snooty patooty and have it off my shelf. Hope someone can use it and finds this to be a decent deal :-)...
  5. Newbie...A few questions

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    I am new to this forum and owning a smart. Mine is an 08 fortwo coupe black/black. I live 250 + miles to the nearest smart center. I plan to do the routine maintenance myself. So how do you reset the service wrench notification? Does the smart radio have a radio code? If so, how do I...
  6. possible solution to iphone & radio 10

    Audio & Video
    I think I may have a solution to be able to control my iphone without looking down. Plus I get hands free blue tooth and GPS. Need some opinions. Staples and have the Tomtom 720 on sale $169 and $179 ($10 off if you are a new member and over $200). The 720 does all kinds of neat...
  7. Radio 10 & ID3 Tag display

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    I've made a half dozen coasters tonight playing with different settings, and haven't come up with anything that works yet. I've got some old mp3 CDs, some 5 to 7 years old. When I play them, the ID3 info is displayed on Radio 10 ... Album Title, Artist and Song Title. But, on new CDs I'm...
  8. Radio swap complete!

    Audio & Video
    Compared to some of the high end sound systems done by others this is no big deal, but I'm happy it was as easy as everyone said to swap the Radio 9 for a Radio 10. :) Thanks to garys out in Oregon for a great offer on his Radio 10; that will be payed forward shortly with our Radio 9. Kudos...