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    Both convertible's-Black 2009 Brabus- Rally Red-2010 Passion
  2. New to Forum and Questioning Peeling Paint

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    Hey All: David and I live in Franklin, NC. We've had our Smart since January 2009. It's Rally Red and I signed up to run down some posts about 2009 Rally Red Smarts having a peeling clear coat. This seems to be a problem specific to our model/color, so I'll jump over to threads that might...
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  7. Got My Rally Red

    Got My Rally Red

    SmartHHO in RR Cabrio, Born date: Jan 15, 2009 1:30PM CST
  8. New Arrival

    New Arrival

    new arrival
  9. New Arrival

    New Arrival

    new arrival
  10. New 09 Rally Red Pure

    New 09 Rally Red Pure

    Round Rock Test drive car