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  1. smart General Discussion
    I am thoroughly enjoying my 2017 Smart EV. I have been looking for a phone app that will let me plan a multi-stop route around town and calculate the total round trip mileage. It seems like this should be easy to do, but my GPS apps don't have this functionality. Any suggestions?
  2. smart fortwo Electric Drive
    I charge at home and at work (level 1 and level 2). The battery shows 100% and it stops charging but the range only shows 60 miles available. Should it be showing the promised 68 miles? Sometimes after a drive a bit it goes up to 62 miles, then goes down again. Anyone experiencing the same issue?
  3. smart fortwo Electric Drive
    I've been wondering the following: The range displayed varies depending on one's driving history (expressed by the ECO bar) and the battery charge level, oh and the current AC/Heater setting. Apart from the AC/Heater setting, and perhaps any other small loads on the system, can one say that...
  4. smart fortwo Electric Drive
    Hello, We have 2 Smart EDs and are about to install a Type 2 EVSE charger (Clipper Creek ECS-25) on our driveway (we have no garage). Has anyone else installed a 240V charger on their driveway? How do we protect it from the elements? Has anyone mounted their EVSE in a box or bollard to...
1-4 of 4 Results