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  1. My smart electric only shows 60 miles of range at 100% charge

    smart fortwo Electric Drive
    I charge at home and at work (level 1 and level 2). The battery shows 100% and it stops charging but the range only shows 60 miles available. Should it be showing the promised 68 miles? Sometimes after a drive a bit it goes up to 62 miles, then goes down again. Anyone experiencing the same issue?
  2. Is range a function of ECO, SOC and AC only?

    smart fortwo Electric Drive
    I've been wondering the following: The range displayed varies depending on one's driving history (expressed by the ECO bar) and the battery charge level, oh and the current AC/Heater setting. Apart from the AC/Heater setting, and perhaps any other small loads on the system, can one say that...
  3. New Electric Owner: Charger and Range questions

    smart fortwo Electric Drive
    Hello, We have 2 Smart EDs and are about to install a Type 2 EVSE charger (Clipper Creek ECS-25) on our driveway (we have no garage). Has anyone else installed a 240V charger on their driveway? How do we protect it from the elements? Has anyone mounted their EVSE in a box or bollard to...