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  1. 453 Rattle from rearview mirror area

    smart General Discussion
    This intermittent rattle seems to be coming from the overhead cluster where the rearview mirror, lights and microphone are. No outside pressing on parts will stop the rattle so I'm assuming it's inside the box. Is there a way to remove the cover to trace where it might be coming or do you...
  2. Dashboard creak/rattle

    smart General Discussion
    I bought my 451 used about two months ago. Ever since I have had it there is a plastic creak/rattle noise coming from the dashboard. It used to present itself only when driving on less than smooth roads but now it makes the noise all the time. I cannot locate exactly where its coming from as I...
  3. Smart Repair Story (kinda long winded)

    smart General Discussion
    We had to take our smart back to the dealer for a rattling noise. The car has rattled since we picked it up in april but we didn't take it back until now as we live 2 hours drive from the dealer. We have just under 7000 miles on our smart so we also had an early 10000 mile service done. Our...
  4. Mirrors Vibrating

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    So right since I got my car, there has been a major buzzing sound at certain RPM's (and certain frequencies after I put my sub in). When I say major, I mean really loud, and very abrasive. When I got a check engine light after the 1st 150 miles, I noted that to the dealer as I dropped the car...