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  1. smart Wheels & Tires
    New shoes are installed, General Altimax HP in 185/55R15 on four front rims... Tires are 51 psi max (350 kpa), I have 44 (300) in them. Ride is a little rough, but I have plenty of "get up and go" from a full stop, and 65-70 MPH no problem, engine is nice and quiet.... So far, very happy...
  2. Rearrim1

    Other rear rim
  3. Rearrim2

    Rear Rim
  4. smart Wheels & Tires
    All. Anyone got a set of new or used steel rear 15 X 5.5 rims for smart pure for sale? If so, please send me asking price... Many Thanks, I just need the rims, using the TPMS from the existing tires, and getting a set of General Exclaim UHP 205/50/15's to put on them. :cool:
  5. smart General Discussion
    While looking through a few threads regarding Hams and Ham Radio. We should start a thread of all Ham callsigns. Ken, KM6YH - Brea, CA:sunshine:
1-5 of 5 Results