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  1. Smart 453 Customized Rear Speaker Stereo System

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  2. [450 pre-2008] Dual Reverse Lights DONE w/pics

    Modifications and Repairs
    I posted before about hating the single back-up light and the frequent explanations that I don't actually have a tail light out, so I bought a UK-market RHD left hand tail light housing and fitted it to my Euro-market LHD car. Here's the story. I was searching eBay UK for a good long while for...
  3. WANTED- 1 rear aluminum rim 08 Passion

    smart Wheels & Tires
    I'm looking for one used aluminum rim for 08 passion. Let me know I am ready now. Please let me know! 414 241 9404 or email [email protected] located in milwaukee, wisconsin
  4. Pair of Rear Passion 9 Spoke Wheels

    Archive/obsolete (?) threads
    I have a pair of rear 9 spoke Passion wheels only, no tires,no tpms, for sale. Wheels excellent condition, no rashes. Have them boxed and ready for ship out. Already sold the front ones. Last front one to Smartdot's friend today. So of you looking to get rid of those skinny front wheels and be...
  5. (1) Rear Black Tailgate Body panel

    Archive/obsolete (?) threads
    Hey, I'm looking for a used rear black Tailgate body panel, tell me what you have! Anyone selling a rear black Tailgate body panel with reasonable price, I will buy. If you can, please include shipping with the price. If you live near League city, TX, I will drive some for local pick up...