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  1. smart Parts Marketplace
    FOR SALE - Used 2008 smart ForTwo (451) Red (Painted-On-Color) Panels 1 - Rear Quarter Outer Panel LH $200 1 - Rear Quarter Outer Panel RH $200 1 - Door Outer Panel LH $200 1 - Door Outer Panel RH $ 200 1 - Lower Rear Fascia Panel $175 1 - Drop-down Rear Door Panel with "smart" Letter Emblem...
  2. Red Cars

    Official Red car parking at Comfort Inn - Ontario Mystery Run 2014
  3. smart Vehicle Marketplace
    Hey! Long time lurker... My wife and I just relocated to Chicago from Los Angeles to be closer to my side of the family because we're about to have our first baby! For obvious reasons, I need to sell it. It's a 2013 Sharp Red Edition with heated seats, surround sound, red stitching, factory...
  4. smart Operation and Maintenance
    Getting tired of all the dust and sponginess of my brakes. Going to replace them, but I am not sure what type of pad should I use. Four basic choices O'Reilly Auto Parts ceramic (they also have a semi metallic) EBC Blackstuff EBC Greenstuff or EBC Redstuff I do some major city stop and go...
  5. smart Operation and Maintenance
    Hey everybody! I just wanted to share my impressions and thoughts on Red Line products. Full disclosure: I do not work for them and do not get any sum of money by talking about their products. Also, I'm not trying to sway you towards Red Line or force you to get Red Line nor will I be...
  6. New Members Area
    I have been coveting a smart car since I first heard about the "Swatchmobile" in the early 90's ... and today I finally got one. It a pre-owned 2008 red cabrio with black leather interior & a sweet Kenwood Stereo/DVD/XM/Nav system. I love it! I traded in my gas guzzling SUV... with gas prices...
  7. Land Speed Record

    2008 smart LTA class I/FSS 89.311
  8. 2008 Smart

    northport maine
  9. smart Gallery
    These are pictures I took last year. I did some changes on my smart since then : genuine smart red seats and interior, 3-branch steering wheel with paddleshift, original smart radio CD w/audio out... But I'm waiting for a right time to do a new photoshoot :D
  10. Smart Center Jacksonville

    smart center Jacksonville 7018 Blanding Blvd. Jacksonville, FL 32244 904.253.7300
  11. New Members Area
    Picked up the red one yesterday. Was traded in by a guy too tall for it. 2009 Passion coupe. Only 1670 miles on it: $12888. Not bad. LOVE the heated seats. Plan to upgrade the sound system. Plan to make my own flower-power seat covers. ;)
  12. New Smart

    Kyle has wanted a smart since we saw one in Germany in 2004. Today he gets his wish
  13. smart General Discussion
    I was emaliing back and forth with Billy Cooper in Lincolnwood. I wanted to make sure that he understood that I wanted the smart that I ordered (blue/silver/black leather) since I went ahead and purchased an orphan (white/silver/red). I told him I still wasn't jazzed about the red interior. He...
  14. Interior & Exterior
    I went to have my wheels powder coated to match my smart red panels. I brought along the hood for color matching. After going through all the brochure's colors and paint chip colors we could not find a color to match my hood. They came close but either to orange or to red. Does anyone know the...
  15. New Members Area
    I would like to buy a key that will just unlock the door and also use it as the ignition key (no push buttons), like older cars used to have. It would be ideal for parking lot attendants and for not carrying that bulky key in my pocket. The dealer could not help me, nor the friendly locksmith in...
  16. Truckload Of Smarts

    Sighting: 1/2 truckload of smart Cars heading South on I-95 at mile marker 289 at 7:02 PM
1-18 of 27 Results