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  1. Garage Door Remote or Homelink

    Just out of curiosity, where do you keep your garage door remote? Has anyone upgraded their rear view mirror to a one with home link buttons or installed home link buttons directly on the headliner or somewhere in the car? I am currently placing my remote in the storage cabin under gear...
  2. 451 Fortwo Remote Range

    smart General Discussion
    Hey All, I'm still loving my '13 - 35K miles, and not a noticeable ding / scratch in it yet. But, I've noticed this from the beginning, but it is getting worse... My remote range has always been "bad", compared to say, my wife's Subaru, or friend's Toyota. They can be like just within sight...
  3. Remote Controlled NOS Purge?

    smart Modifications
    Hey everybody! I am planning on completing a few modifications to my car before the start of the car show season next year and one idea I have been throwing around a great deal would be to include a remote controlled system for my NOS Purge instead of having to go into my car and and pressing...
  4. How to install an OEM-style remote garage door opener

    smart Modifications
    I just completed the installation of an OEM style garage door opener in my 2008 Passion Coupe. This remote is the familiar 3 button Homelink transmitter found in many vehicles, but NOT available as a factory option in our fortwos. While the ubiquitous visor clip-on works, it is truly inelegant...