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  1. smart General Discussion
    Can anyone give me information Smart Car Rental in Ohio, Indiana, or Northern Kentucky? thanks all
  2. New Members Area
    I'm starting tutoring for a 7th grade kid. I want to drive up to his house in a Smart Car. Does anyone know of a place in Northern/Central NJ--or a person in that area--from which (or from whom) I can rent a Smart Car? Thanks!:cool:
  3. New Members Area
    Hello, I wanted to find a place the rents SmartCars, so that I could drive one around for the whole weekend and really know what it is like to use in all sorts of driving conditions. I thought I would check this site first.:)
  4. New Members Area
    Hi folks, Did a search in this (forum) area and saw that this question does seem to come up regularly, but figured I would give it a shot anyway. I thought that I had heard or saw someplace recently that Smart Cars would be available for rental, not sure if it was a national company or...
  5. Texas Chapter
    If anyone is interested in renting their Passion Coupe in September, please contact me.
  6. New Members Area
    Hi, I'm looking for a Smart Car to use during the Mary Kay Seminar for my companies booth. The show date is from July 14th-Aug. 1st. 35,000 Mary Kay ladies come in for the Seminar...they would love it! A photographer will be at the booth taking photos of the ladies and the car and printing the...
1-6 of 6 Results