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  1. smart General Discussion
    Does anyone know which, if any, rental companies have smarts in their fleets? Also is there any easy way to find this out in a particular city? Thanks Ryan
  2. smart General Discussion
    Can anyone give me information Smart Car Rental in Ohio, Indiana, or Northern Kentucky? thanks all
  3. California Chapter
    Anyone have any recommendations/experience for renting a smart in the Palm Springs area? I've found a couple of places online that I'm waiting to hear back from, but if there's anyone with actual knowledge of where I might be able to get a cabrio for a few days, it'd be appreciated.
  4. Pacific NorthWest Region
    I'm looking into buying a smart car now that I've moved and am planning on staying in Seattle. I am way off from actually purchasing, but want to test it for a day, possibly 2. Any ideas of where I can rent a smart car? Or does anyone own one they want to rent personally for a day or two? Thanks!
  5. New York Chapter
    Hi everyone, Our company is looking for a Smart car for a marketing campaign. This requires the car to be wrapped for the duration of the campaign. The location will be in New York city. If anyone in the area is willing to rent one to us or if there are companies out there that provide this...
  6. New Members Area
    Hi folks, Did a search in this (forum) area and saw that this question does seem to come up regularly, but figured I would give it a shot anyway. I thought that I had heard or saw someplace recently that Smart Cars would be available for rental, not sure if it was a national company or...
  7. New Members Area
    Hi everyone - I know this might be a long shot - but I'd LOVE to rent a SmartCar for the day tomorrow (last minute I know!) A friend and I are exploring some places around Rochester (the beach, the gorge, a couple of parks) and I thought it'd be fun to be able to do it in a Smart Car - a...
  8. California Chapter
    Greetings.... indie feature film is looking for a rental of a smart car for Sunday December 7th in Hollywood... ...pays $ driving by actress.... contact hw 310 880-2219
  9. Renting A Smart In Cancun Mexico

    I rented a Smart Passion Convertible from Hertz in Cancun Mexico
1-9 of 10 Results