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  1. Scratch Repair

    smart General Discussion
    Well, we found a terrific deal on a 2013 to replace one of our 08's, which got totaled last month. But, the reason it was a deal was because it came with several deep scratches. Looks like someone keyed it or took a knife to it. Interested in any good, inexpensive suggestions to repair. Local...
  2. Sun Shade repair

    Interior & Exterior
    I purchased my smart car new in January 2008 and recently my sun shade has been giving me trouble. From other threads I hear the replacement cost is north of $400 and having taken it apart I decided repair was my best option, despite a lack of repair kits or other documentation. Here is how I...
  3. Palm Springs service

    California Chapter
    Just moved to Palm Springs and looking for a reputable repair shop for minor things like my turn signal that just went out and tire that appears to be flat. Just had my 5-year service back in the spring, so any recommendations for general repairs would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Secondary Air Injection Pump Repair

    Technical "stickies"
    I replaced the secondary air injection pump today. Here are the steps: 1. Loosen right rear lugs. Jack up from right rear jacking point. Put a stand carefully under the right rear swing arm. 2. Remove wheel. 3. Remove inner wheel well plastic nuts and peel back wheel well surround. You...
  5. New owner of 2008 Smart Pure

    New Members Area
    I bought it at 28,xxx miles. Just completed the 30,000 mile maintenance and it looks like my secondary air injection pump motor bearings are going out: loud whine / grinding / whoosing sound coming from the right rear wheel well during the first 30 seconds of a cold start. I get the P0410 engine...
  6. New Smart Owner in Green Bay

    Wisconsin Chapter
    I just got an 09 Passion, white with black tridion. Looking for best shops to do reg. maint., plus repairs.... if ever needed. Outside warranty so dealer not necessary. Also looking for options to haul my 9 ft, 45 lb kayak. I appreciate help from other owners who have already tackled these...
  7. Douchebag backed into my poor baby!

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    While I was parked and inside shopping some blind douche backed into my poor Smart...apparently he didn't see it although there was no reason he needed to back into it as there was plenty of room for him to back out of his spot normally. Anyway... broken headlight and both panels scuffed( I came...
  8. Mercedes Benz of Portland charges $125 per hour labor

    smart General Discussion
    Here in Portland, Oregon the Mercedes dealer charges $125 per hour for all cars regardless whether it is a 560 SEC or a Smart car. I find this exhorbitant. This represents almost 100% increase from what the Smart Car Center Portland used to charge ($65 per hour). They wanted to charge $99 for an...
  9. Help, semi-emergency: Starter removal on 2006 Cabrio??

    Original (450) smart fortwo
    I have my 2006 Cabrio sitting on the rack of a local garage as I type this, and no one there can figure out how to get to the starter!!! Can anyone help me??? Please call or text me at 615-439-0881 Thanks Tom in Tennessee [EDIT: I called several smart canada locations, and was told they...
  10. Engine repair under 50K miles

    smart fortwo (451 - US vehicle)
    I am curious how many here have had to get major engine repairs under 50K miles? Major as in engine overhaul. Mine is a May 2008 passion 44k miles $3,200 repair bill. Burned exhaust valve
  11. Replace/repair release lever on tailgate

    New Members Area
    Hi everyone, Quick question for you: Can someone direct me to information on how to replace or repair one of the two plastic release levers on the tailgate of my 2008 Fortwo Passion? One of the levers is now flimsy and doesn't unlock its side of the tailgate, so the gate cannot be brought down...
  12. Lost in the Inland Northwest (Members with 450's speak up!)

    New Members Area
    Our family has 2 Smarts, and we love them! Our big challenge is finding anyone to service them -- the dealer in Seattle saids "no problem, the Mercedes dealership will do it." Problem: the Mercedes dealership (here) does not work on Smart Cars. I see plenty of Smarts in Spokane, who can give...
  13. Frequency of Repair

    New Members Area
    I am considering buy a slightly used Smart Car to commute from Oakland to San Francisco where I teach. I cannot find any information about how reliable these cars are as to repair / breaking down. Are they equal to a Toyota? Or more like a Mercedes with a high incidence of repair? Thanks for...
  14. Replacement Front Windshield - $800

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Hi folks, As you know any parts for a smart car have to be ordered through the dealership. I got a crack in my front windshield that goes about halfway across. Guess how much the new windshield is going to cost. Go on, guess. Give up? Eight hundred dollars. Eight hundred. I sh*t you not...
  15. Smart Repair Story (kinda long winded)

    smart General Discussion
    We had to take our smart back to the dealer for a rattling noise. The car has rattled since we picked it up in april but we didn't take it back until now as we live 2 hours drive from the dealer. We have just under 7000 miles on our smart so we also had an early 10000 mile service done. Our...
  16. smart repair

    Smart Owners Club of San Francisco
    Anyone have any recommendations for repair shops besides SmartcenterSanFrancisco? I have a grey market 2003 ForTwo which I got through Zap ( Unfortunately, Zap does not service the cars, and the dealer in SF wasn't too excited to look at it either -- said they couldn't get parts...
  17. Alarming Situation

    smart General Discussion
    My lil Blue Belle decided she wanted some extra attention. I brought her home Monday of last week. Almost immediately her factory installed alarm was going off in the driveway. The first night I saw my cat outside and thought maybe she had something to do with it. I brought her in the garage...