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  1. Start stop inoperative

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Hi all, got a smart forfour I recently bumped the back of another car and had to get a new headlight and bumper, I also somehow made my cruise control 'inoperative'... I dont know what the start stop is linked to, my mate has run a smart test on it and all tests come back as green, we've tried...
  2. First time owning a smart car, help.

    New Members Area
    Hey everyone! Please give me tips on how to keep this little guy well maintained. I live in Orlando, Fl and would love to know where I can take my smartie for repairs, maintenance, service, check ups, etc. I just want to be prepared in case things happen. How often do I need to change the...
  3. Smart Repairs in Washington, DC?

    New Members Area
    Hi All! I am wondering if anyone here has recommendations on where I can take my 2008 Smart for repairs in the DC area? I am still taking it to Mercedes for Repairs! The closest Mercedes repair shop is about 25-30 miles from my house in NE DC! But I know most repair shops have never repaired...
  4. Wanted: 2008 Passion body parts

    smart General Discussion
    Hi all, Well, I had an "oops". I was driving in an alley at dusk, and had the right wheel on declining pavement, and the left wheel on level pavement. CRUNCH! Broke the shield under the radiator into pieces. I was able to hold it back on with Gorilla tape (good stuff, way better than duct tape)...
  5. Help, help help 2004 smart needs repairs

    Dealers and Parts
    Does anyone know anywhere in or near New York City, or Miami, or anywhere for that matter that can get parts for and fix a 2004 Smart originally from France but imported and converted for America???
  6. Repair or get new engine?

    Original (450) smart fortwo
    I have had my Smart car since May 2008 and my mileage suddenly dropped in the past two weeks. I took it in for diagnosis and I'm told a cylinder is losing compression. The bill to repair it will be at least $2,000. The car only has 42,000 miles on it. What shoud I do? Repair or replace the...
  7. Where's the best place to service my Brabus?

    Texas Chapter
    I'm in Plano, TX...other than Park Place where's the best place to get one's Smartcar serviced?
  8. service in miami area?

    smart General Discussion
    2008 Cabrio, seems have electrical problesm....does anyone know where to service Smart in Miami??:confused:
  9. Xenon Upgrade Repair?

    Pennsylvania Chapter
    So, in August I drove my Smart Car from California to Philly (awesome, btw), knowing full well that I had xenon headlights installed. What I didn't know is that the Xenon's were aftermarket and NOT factory installed. So when my passenger side headlight went out, I took it to Devon Smart Center...
  10. Body Panel scuff. Repair or Replace?

    Interior & Exterior
    It just had to happen. With only a about 5 weeks on my black pure plus some "@#$^%" clipped my door in a roundabout. Not too much damage overall. He only hit my driver door and left a scuff about a foot long, more than a scratch less then a deep gouge I guess. What do I do? take it to the...
  11. New but not so!

    New Members Area
    Hello everyone, I am happy to be part of this esteemed group. Just a quick intro. We own Express Automotive Centre in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. We have been lucky to have been working on Smart cars for over 4 years now. awesome car, you will all love them. Thanks. Jerry :) Express Automotive...
  12. Post Your Warranty Claims

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    These are great cars & we love 'em, but they're not perfect... Let's start a list of warranty claims for service needs and/or failed parts that require(d) a trip to the dealer. What failed? Approximate age/mileage? Dealer service dept. rating: A, B, C, D, F This can be a good, running...